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Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government captivates the audience at Cisco Live

By Synergy SKY on Jun 29, 2022 5:00:53 PM

As the first Cisco Live! hybrid event ever and the first in-person one since 2019, the excitement couldn't have possibly been higher to finally meet industry professionals face-to-face and discuss collaboration in a hybrid work environment.

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In-room booking of room and video with Cisco Webex touch controller

By Vemun Waksvik on Dec 9, 2021 1:30:00 PM

With Synergy SKY in-room booking* you can book both room and video meeting ad-hoc from your touch panel if the room is available. 
In addition, the 2.3 SW release has: Cisco Endpoint Phone Books, Room Issue Notifications, Webex Fedramp OBTP

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Get video dial-in link automatically for any booked meeting

By Julie Remen on Jun 22, 2021 12:36:42 PM

With Synergy SKY management suite you can now get video dial-in details automatically inserted when you schedule a meeting, without having to click the Microsoft Teams plug-in or adding @webex in the location field. You will never forget to add the video option again. 

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Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) replacement

By Vemun Waksvik on Jun 15, 2021 9:42:59 AM

Cisco TelePresence Management Suite and Cisco TelePresence Management Suite XE (Cisco TMS/ Cisco TMS XE)) is a portal for administering and monitoring your videoconferencing network from a single, organized interface. Both of them offers centralized control for on-site and remote video systems, as well as deployment and scheduling for the whole video network.

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Join ANY Microsoft Teams meeting on Cisco Webex Devices with WebRTC

By Sean Lessman on May 1, 2021 3:12:17 PM

Making it easier for Cisco Webex devices to connect to internal and external Microsoft Teams meetings with support for One Button To Push (OBTP) Easy Join Services for WebRTC Guest Join.

Read update below* 

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Multiplying market access with key Cisco agreement

By Vemun Waksvik on Dec 14, 2020 1:47:09 PM

With the recent acquisition of an IoT platform and a fresh certification from Cisco, Synergy SKY opens its doors to millions of new meeting rooms.

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The Virtual Water Cooler - Combating loneliness with VMR's

By Julie Remen on May 18, 2020 1:17:23 PM

Although video meetings make it possible to continue business operations as normal, the day-to-day social interaction between colleagues can be just as important for moral, drive, and mental health. And, with the right tools, you can make a pretty decent virtual lemonade out of your home office lemons 

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