A lot of companies today are mandating their workforce to return to the office. Whether your preferred way of working is from the office, hybrid or remote, one thing is for certain - video conferencing endpoints and meeting rooms in offices need to be flexible enough to include all working models.  

One of the challenges faced by users in offices today are the availability of multiple video platforms and lack of interoperability amongst them. For example: You could have invested in Cisco and Poly video endpoints and now receive meeting invitations to join Microsoft Teams Meetings, which is one of the most popularly used video platforms. That call, in many cases, will not connect.  

What do you do in that situation?

A simple deployment of Synergy SKY can enable your Cisco and Poly SIP devices to connect to all Microsoft Teams meetings and will soon also connect to Google Meet and Zoom.  

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What can Synergy SKY CONNECT do for your company?

Enable Cisco SIP devices to act like a Microsoft Teams Room with a familiar look/feel matching the desktop client experience 

  • Meeting equity and consistent user experiences maintained 
  • Gain the freedom to add Microsoft Teams Room devices as part of your upgrade/expansion plan 

Application Sharing, PPT Live, or HDMI sharing from the device 

  • Eliminate black screens when you share content 

Macro control for native MS Teams functions users require 

  • Roster list, Layout changes, Raise hand on Cisco Touch 10

One Touch to Join or Auto Connect devices to Teams, Webex, Zoom, etc 

  • Eliminate the need to dial passcodes 
  • Join External Meetings with ease – Forward invites to meeting rooms 
  • Move between meeting platforms with ease and simplicity 

 "White Glove" control of SIP devices used to join external and internal Webex, Teams, Zoom, etc. 




Synergy SKY is a global company that is committed to making all video meetings easy. It develops platform-independent software solutions for all meeting rooms and video conferencing which integrates perfectly into major collaboration vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, Poly, and others to optimize your investment while connecting seamlessly with your external collaborators.  

  • No need to swap out existing hardware to join new meeting platforms  

  • Get a single-user experience no matter which meeting platform you connect to 

  • No user training needed – start all meetings on time with a smile 

  • One button to push for all meetings 

  • All calendar and CDR data are kept on your network - keep your data safe   

  • Proven technology with simple licensing  

  • The most flexible interoperability  



The inbuilt Synergy SKY 
Management Suite component of CONNECT is designed to help you join, control, and analyze your video meetings in a multi-vendor environment. Together with the interop, you get control of your meetings and collaboration resources.   

 So, whether you choose to work from the office, your home, or anywhere else in the world - Synergy SKY can make your video collaboration seamless and provide you with the tools to succeed in all meetings.  

Mariya Gabajiwala

Written by Mariya Gabajiwala

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