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"The gold standard for video conference experiences"

Synergy SKY is an official Cisco Solutions Plus Partner certified by Cisco as Webex Compatible in Easy Join Services (OBTP) and Analytics. Synergy SKY Management Suite is available as an integration in Webex Control Hub workspaces


Value to Cisco and their customers:

  • Synergy SKY CONNECT connects any Cisco SIP video endpoint to any Teams meeting with interoperability in the cloud

  • Multivendor​ support for One Button to Push, PBTP, to cloud meetings

    • (Webex, Teams, Zoom, Pexip, etc.)

  • Simplified Scheduling​ - Use Outlook for all video meeting actions 

  • Integration with Exchange on-premise, O365, GCC, GCC High, GCC DoD, and G-suite calendaring​

  • Easy Join, One Touch Buttons to connect​

    • On on-prem CMS

    • On C-series, CTS, DX, EX, MX, SX, IX on-prem and cloud

  • Supports both Cisco and Poly​ to easily join Webex or CMS meetings

  • Confidently CONNECT to FedRAMP Webex, FedRAMP Zoom, and now FedRAMP Microsoft TEAMS​

  • Multivendor Analytics​ from sensor data from Webex Room Series

  • Track usage and calls by vendor, trends and other reports 

  • People count, automatic calendar release of booked but empty meeting rooms

  • White glove meeting features​. Conference control 

  • Deployable as a self-hosted solution on your premise, data center or private cloud tenant

  • A better alternative to TMS XE for on-prem calendaring integration


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Enable interoperability between Cisco devices​ and Microsoft Teams meetings. Synergy SKY CONNECT can help Cisco customers:

Generate a Teams Meeting – Invite internally​

  • Schedule the meeting from Microsoft Exchange, O365, GCC, GCC High, or GCC DoD​

  • Deploy CVI or  Synergy SKY CONNECT​

  • Push the green button on a Cisco device to connect


Receive a Teams Meeting – Invite externally 

  • Receive an invite from another department / agency or any other external organization​

  • Forward to or include the Cisco device on the invite​

  • Push the green button on the Cisco device to connect​ 

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Start a Teams Meeting from a Cisco device with ​In-Room Booking 

  • Use Touch 10 or Navigator touch panel to start in room booking​

  • Invite others to join the meeting​

  • Push the green button on the Cisco device to connect​


What about Cisco CVI?

CVI is a receive-call technology enabling your SIP devices and other organizations to call your Teams tenant. CVI does not help you dial external organizations Teams or tenants.​

  • Synergy SKY Connect compliments CVI by enabling your org to call any Teams tenant​

  • Synergy SKY Connect enables receiving external Teams invites and joining​

  • Cisco CVI + Synergy SKY CONNECT provides the most comprehensive Teams interoperability calling solution

What do you get with the Synergy SKY CONNECT?

We support you and your workflow by allowing you to choose vendor or technology; whether it's on-prem, hybrid, cloud, or in transition. We support more Cisco solutions than any other vendor, as well as Cisco Legacy systems, Tandberg, Poly (OTD), Outlook, Google Calendar, recording, and much more.


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