Synergy SKY is a Cisco Solutions Plus Partner

"The gold standard for video conference experiences"

Cisco Partner Synergy SKY


Synergy SKY is an official Cisco Solutions Plus Partner certified by Cisco as Webex Compatible in two categories:
Easy Join Services (OBTP) and Analytics.


Value to Cisco and its customers:

Bring extra value to Cisco Webex video conferencing by providing One Button to Push (OBTP), where Cisco can’t:

  • Join multi-vendor meeting platforms (Webex, Teams, Zoom, Pexip etc)

  • OBTP on on-prem CMS

  • OBTP on C-series, CTS, DX, EX, MX, SX, IX on-prem and cloud

  • Provide One-Touch-Dial on POLY to easily join Webex or CMS meetings

  • Calendars supported: Exchange, O365, Google


Fill the gaps in the Cisco CVI support and allow for easy transition from 3rd party CVI to Cisco CVI

A better alternative to TMS XE for on-prem calendaring integration


Use sensor data from Webex Room Series to:

  • Automatic calendar release of booked but empty meeting rooms

  • Check-in to room

  • Email notification to organizer on irregularities

  • People count reports



How does Cisco define our solution​?

  • Global assurance of quality, consistency, and performance

  • Reliable, secure, scalable and future proof

  • Validated integration points

  • For Cloud or On-premise Webex Rooms deployments​

This means that when you implement the Synergy SKY Suite to optimize your VC set-up, you can rest assured knowing your unified collaboration investment is the most secure and reliable on the market. 

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What do you get with the Synergy SKY solution?

We support you and your workflow by allowing you to choose vendor or technology; whether its on-prem, hybrid, cloud or in transition.


We support more Cisco solutions than any other vendor, as well as Cisco Legacy systems, Tandberg, Poly (OTD), Outlook, Google Calendar, recording, and much more.


Click the scenarios below to read examples of how we solve or use them: 


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