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We have more than 12 years of experience as problem-solvers in the collaboration industry


Synergy SKY design, develop and market trailblazing yet user-friendly software for all business meetings.

Our goal is to improve every complex aspect to the extent that you only need to focus on the outcome of the meeting.

We get up in the morning because we want all meetings to be easier to


We love to solve challenges – talk to us about yours!

44 Employees

In 12 countries

4 office locations

Oslo (HQ), Stockholm, New York, Reston (VA)

Est. 2008

By Eivind Larsen and Ståle Reitan

Our Story

Our story started in TANDBERG, the global leader in video conferencing in the early 2000's. 

Ståle was the product manager of TMS, Egil was responsible for the internal video network, Vemun started TANDBERG University, Magnus was looking after logistics in APAC and US, Mark led sales engineers, Tor was in R&D and Hans worked in business development. 

In 2008, Synergy SKY was founded by Ståle together with fellow MBA student Eivind, who had experience from Capgemini. The idea was to make the best synergy between video conferencing and IT. Two domains separated, both in terms of technology and people who managed it.

To strengthen our commercial side, Pär Svensson and Patrik Christiansen invested into Synergy SKY in 2013. They had successfully built Europe’s biggest TANDBERG reseller and both are still actively involved in the company today.

Amongst other projects, we have connected ISDN video conference to Mount Everest over satellite as well as having solved unified collaboration challenges for hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley. Collectively, we have hundreds of thousands of video meetings under our belts. 

Synergy SKY is a global company with teams worldwide. Our experts allow us to be the best and most reliable software development company in the industry.


What makes us different?

We are the only meeting platform agnostic / independent software provider for collaboration technology on the market, which gives you the option to move freely between vendors today, tomorrow and for the future.

Our aim is not only to create a user-friendly and streamlined meeting experience for the end user, but also to save cost for the business. We make this possible through flexible solutions tailored for your existing and future collaboration investments and needs, so you never have to lock yourself to a specific platform in order to remain streamlined. You are always in the driver's seat and can pick the video conferencing solution or meeting room technology that makes sense for your company and budget, and we will take care of the rest. 


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Ståle Reitan

Ståle Reitan

Chief Executive Officer

Eivind Larsen

Eivind Larsen

Chief Operating Officer

Egil Hasting

Egil Hasting

Chief Technology Officer

vemun waksvik

Vemun Waksvik

SVP Marketing

Remy Engelsen-1

Remy Engelsen

Chief Financial Officer

Hans Kalderin

Hans Kalderin

SVP Global Sales

Patrik Christiansen

Patrik Christiansen

Chairman of the Board


Synergy SKY has since 2017 focused on the enterprise market with trailblazing software solutions that are highly relevant for any organization with meeting rooms and / or video meetings. Resulting in organic hyper-growth. The company is privately held by the founders, employees and one active investor. For questions please contact our CFO or Chairman.