Who is Synergy SKY?


In 12 countries


US HQ, Reston (VA)

Est. 2008

By Eivind Larsen and Ståle Reitan

What makes us different?

We are an independent meeting-platform software provider for collaboration technologies and meeting rooms, providing you with the possibility to meet across platforms, technologies and video systems and to move freely between vendors today, tomorrow and for the future. Our aim is to create a user-friendly and streamlined meeting experience for the end-user, better control for the administrator while saving cost for the business. We make this possible through integrations with all leading vendors. This will protect investments made over the years and help you to transition to new platforms.


Our Story

Our story began in TANDBERG, the global leader in video conferencing in the early 2000's.

Synergy SKY CEO Ståle Reitan was the product manager of TMS when he left TANDBERG in 2008. He then founded Synergy SKY with fellow MBA student Eivind Larsen, who had experience from Capgemini. The idea was to make the best synergy between video conferencing and IT. Two domains separated, both in terms of technology and people who managed it.

In 2015 Synergy SKY revolutionized the videoconferencing market by making the one-click experience possible from SIP video conferencing to Skype. Today we bring that ease-of-use to most major vendors in the video conferencing industry. Synergy SKY made all meeting rooms intelligent by adding sensor technologies in 2019. This unifies calendars, rooms and human behavior. In 2021 we released Synergy SKY CONNECT, which enables all SIP endpoints to easily connect to any Microsoft Teams meeting.

Today Synergy SKY manages the entire meeting cycle from planning to reporting. The goal is to make all meetings easy to schedule, join and manage with the technology that already exists in the organization. We build synergies between the technologies you have. Our solutions empower people to focus on the meeting, instead of how to meet. From small local businesses to corporate enterprises around the world, millions of users enjoy meeting efficiency through Synergy SKY.

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Ståle Reitan

Ståle Reitan

Chief Executive Officer

Eivind Larsen

Eivind Larsen

Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman of the Board

Egil Hasting

Egil Hasting

Chief Technology Officer

Remy Engelsen-1

Remy Engelsen

Chief Financial Officer

Vemun Waksvik

Vemun Waksvik

SVP Marketing

Hans Kalderin

Hans Kalderin

SVP Global Sales


Mark Dumas

COO & President

Patrik Christiansen

Patrik Christiansen

Chairman of the Board


Synergy SKY has since 2017 focused on the enterprise market with trailblazing software solutions that are highly relevant for any organization with meeting rooms and / or video meetings. Resulting in organic hyper-growth. The company is privately held by the founders, employees and one active investor. For questions please contact our CFO or Chairman.