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We have over 10 years of experience as problem-solvers in the collaboration industry


What We Do

Synergy SKY develops and market trailblazing software platforms that make it easier for users and administrators to use and manage all meetings. Especially for organizations with multiple vendors for unified collaboration, we can make a big difference. 

We get up in the morning because we want all meetings to be easier to


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37 employees 11 countries

3 Office Locations

Oslo (HQs), Stockholm and New York

Est. 2008 Eivind Larsen and Ståle Reitan


Our Story

Our story started in TANDBERG. In the early 2000s, Ståle was the product manager of TMS, Egil was responsible for the internal video network, Vemun started TANDBERG University, Magnus was looking after logistics in APAC and US, Mark led sales engineers, Andre had sales in Canada, Tor was in R&D and Hans did business development. All of them in TANDBERG, then the global leader in video conferencing.

In 2008, Ståle started Synergy SKY together with fellow MBA student Eivind who had experience from Capgemini.  The idea was to make the best synergy between videoconference and IT. Two domains separated, both in terms of technology and people.

To strengthen our commercial side Pär Svensson and Patrik Christiansen invested into Synergy SKY in 2013. They had successfully built Europe’s biggest TANDBERG re-seller and today both are actively involved in the company.

Today, Synergy SKY is a global company with people in many countries. We have added people with top skills to make us the best and most reliable SW development and sales team in the industry.

Collectively, we have hundreds of thousands of video meetings under our belts. We have connected ISDN videoconference to Mount Everest over satellite as well as having solved unified collaboration challenges for high-tech companies in Silicon Valley



Management Team

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Ståle Reitan

Chief Executive Officer

vemun profil-1

Vemun Waksvik

VP Marketing


Patrik Christiansen



Eivind A. Larsen

Chief Operating Officer


Hans Kalderin

VP Global Sales


Egil Hasting

Chief Technology Officer


Remy Engelsen

Chief Finance Officer