Synergy SKY
Management Suite


The Synergy SKY Management Suite component of CONNECT improves how to join, control and analyze video meetings in a multi-vendor environment.  

Making video endpoints and meeting platforms work better together. 

Retain a simple user experience and workflow for scheduling and starting meetings without introducing new tools or user training. No rip and replace is needed. 


check@4x One-click-join meetings on your video systems (Cisco & Poly), regardless of platform; Webex, Teams, Zoom, Google, etc.
check@4x An easy way to schedule, start, automate and manage videoconferences – for single- or multivendor environments
check@4x Freedom to move between on-prem and cloud (or hybrid) without interrupting your technical setup 
check@4xMeeting insights to reduce costs and increase efficiency. E.g. Meeting platform reports,  meeting tools usage, etc.


check@4xDisparate workflows in call set up

check@4xDial-in issues and long dia-in strings

check@4xBooked-out but empty meeting rooms

check@4xLoss of control during technical migrations (on-prem, cloud, or hybrid)

check@4xLocking yourself to one vendor

How does it work?

Synergy SKY Management Suite leverages data from sensors, user behavior, and your calendar to make all meetings and management more efficient. 

The Management Suite is not another platform, it is a synergizer.



Management Suite Data Sources




One-click-to-join IconOne-click-to-join

Book the meeting as you normally would in your calendar. In a few seconds, the green join button will appear for all meeting participants (including personal and meeting room SIP endpoints), and you can join the meeting in one click, regardless of the vendor you or the participants are using.

E.g. One-Click dial from Cisco and Poly into Teams meetings.






Auto Room Release IconAuto release of rooms with no-show

The Synergy SKY Management Suite enables the sensors in Cisco Webex devices or Synergy Sensors, to automatically release booked rooms when no one shows up in
the room. The virtual meeting remains untouched. 




Touch panel video meeting booking


Book ad-hoc video meetings* directly from the Cisco Touch Controller (Room Navigator and Touch 10) and invite participants directly from the directory. Join the meeting immediately with one click. Invitees receive email/calendar invitations with a link to a meeting or SIP dial-in.  

* Supports your preferred meeting platform i.e. Teams, Webex, etc. 


Multi-vendor Insights IconMulti-vendor insights


Helps organizations understand collaboration trends and patterns. It provides the analysis needed to make fact-based decisions on collaboration investments, divestments, training and service changes. Analytics data contributes to an increased ROI for collaboration, and in addition, provides clear evidence and key insight to stakeholders. Get reports such as:

- Meeting platform reports  (Webex, Teams, etc)
- Meeting room and video conferencing / UC utilization

- Meeting trends and RoI
- Meeting tools usage
- Meeting room cost-efficiency



Participant Count IconParticipant count 

Uses the Cisco Webex inbuilt sensors for actual people count and reports such as the average number of participants per room etc.


Conference Control IconConference control

Take control of your company meetings with a clean and intuitive dashboard for all business meetings (internal and external).
Besides the full meeting overview, you also have the following features: 

- Add and remove participants
- Forward meetings to rooms and endpoints
- Mute/unmute participants
- Lock virtual meetings 
- Create lists of important meetings


Meeting Success Forecast IconMeeting success forecast

Check and be notified on every step of your meeting workflow to join your video meetings successfully.

First, you will get a confirmation that your video meeting invitation was accepted and a "one-click-join" button into the meeting. Then, you get notified if a booked room is not capable to connect to the video platform it is invited to or if a video system is not connected or registered.

There will be no surprises when connecting to your meeting.



auto_check_in_blue_fillAuto check-in

Quickly join meetings and grant immediate understanding of room utilization to admins.



Phonebook IconPhonebook

Book both room and video ad-hoc meetings from your touch panel if the room is available. Check this blog article for more information.


No-show Detection Alerts Icon No-show detection alerts 

Use either Synergy Sensors or the inbuilt Cisco Webex IoT sensors to detect presence or no-show. Set the rules and automatically notify the organizer or admin according to your own policy.


See the Management Suite in action:



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