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With Synergy SKY CONNECT's interoperability, you can join Microsoft Teams, Google, and Zoom meetings with video conferencing devices such as Cisco and Poly, and effectively manage video meetings in multi-vendor and -technology environments. This translates to significant time and cost savings for organizations.

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Bridging the gap between traditional video conferences (SIP endpoints) and various web meetings, CONNECT is designed to support all platforms.

Synergy CONNECT can be purchased from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Appsource.
For more information, please get in touch.

Value to Microsoft and customers:

Keep the Microsoft workflow throughout all video meetings. No new apps introduced.

  • Connect to all internal and external Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom meetings with one click from a SIP videoconferencing systems (e.g. Cisco & Poly)

  • Use Microsoft Outlook for all meeting actions

  • Integrates with Exchange on-premise, O365, GCC, GCC High, GCC DoD, and G-Suite calendaring

  • Support FedRAMP Webex, FedRAMP Zoom, and FedRAMP Microsoft Teams for government and public organizations. 

  • Deployable as a self-hosted solution on the customers' network, data center or private cloud tenant

Microsoft Azure Marketplace


Microsoft AppSource



Easy to buy

Seamlessly incorporate CONNECT into your existing enterprise agreements, eliminating the need to establish new vendors.


Effortless transaction

Receive a consolidated monthly invoice from Microsoft, based on the standard agreement.


Simplified administration

Invoice in your local currency for convenience. Use Microsoft's subscription management tools to simplify procurement.

How to buy through Azure Marketplace

1. Request a private offer.
2. Accept your unique private offer.
3. A Synergy SKY Sales Engineer will contact you to deploy the software.

Read the full guide here.

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The Synergy SKY private offer counts towards existing commitment agreements

If you have an Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) or Azure Commit to Consume (CtC) agreement, it is automatically recognized by Microsoft.

Have Microsoft Teams meetings from any videoconferencing device:


Add videoconferencing devices
as participants in calendar invitations

Use your calendars to schedule a video meeting or forward a received invite. Add the videoconferencing devices like any other participant to the invite. Click the green button to join the meeting.


In-Room Booking

Book ad-hoc MS Teams meetings directly from the Cisco Touch Controller and invite participants directly from the directory. The meeting will start straight away.

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