Make video meetings easy.
Get SIP to Teams interoperability and a streamlined user experience across technologies.


The award-winning Synergy SKY CONNECT product allows all SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based endpoints to connect to any Microsoft Teams meeting. Synergy SKY has developed a new patent-pending solution for interoperability between video conferencing platforms.

The scope of the Synergy SKY technology leverages years of multivendor expertise to ensure a transparent and consistent user experience, no matter the SIP endpoint type or age, when joining a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Synergy SKY has chosen the name “CONNECT” because of its new and innovative way to connect people and give them a more flexible and user-friendly experience.

Synergy SKY CONNECT supports:


Cisco and Poly video conferencing systems


Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and O365 or Google Calendar.

UC platform

Microsoft Teams 


Leverage the technology enabling easy, seamless meetings

Synergy SKY CONNECT is a comprehensive solution for video meetings with a new interoperability component allowing all SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based endpoints to connect to any Microsoft Teams meeting.

It is built to support your collaboration investment across calendars, meeting rooms, and video conferencing to make meetings effortless with zero user training and with efficient admin tools.  




Multiple benefits in a single solution

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Easy to plan and start high-quality video meetings.
No caveats, corner cases, or excuses. 


How does it actually work?

Synergy SKY CONNECT provides a media handling server that performs SIP signaling-based video protocol gateway services to WEB conference-based cloud platforms. This patent-pending video gateway allows for SIP-based endpoints, independent of registration, to communicate bidirectionally with both audio and video to the Microsoft Teams platform. 

But Synergy SKY CONNECT is more than just interoperability. It also unifies the collaboration experience and administration across your calendars, meetings rooms, and video conferencing platforms. The outcome is an innovative and intuitive way to handle all meetings: in-person, audio, video, or web. It is a combined self-hosted and interop in cloud multivendor platform designed to integrate seamlessly into your current meeting workflow. 





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