Standards-based SIP to Teams/Meet/Zoom interoperability and streamlined user experience across technologies.


Synergy SKY CONNECT is an award-winning gateway enabling any SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) video device to connect to all Microsoft Teams meetings.
It works regardless of the type and model of devices, making it a sustainable solution. CONNECT provides an easy way to optimize existing setups without the need for any user training.

CONNECT ANY SIP video device to ALL Microsoft Teams meetings with your existing setup:


SIP video devices

Cisco and Poly video conferencing systems



Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and O365 or Google Calendar


Collaboration platform

Microsoft Teams (Google and Zoom to be launched soon)

How does it work?


CONNECT includes two key components:
SIP to Teams interop and Management Suite

The SIP to Microsoft Teams video call interoperability is done by the CONNECT service in Azure which handles the real-time media.

The Management Suite is easily implemented on your own network with a VM image that can be hosted within most virtualized environments. This way, all CDR and booking data remain safe within your premises.

This “dual implementation” ensures data privacy while providing the scale and flexibility of a cloud service. Please note that the Government solution has a different setup.  

It’s as easy as in-person meetings for users. They can continue using Outlook or Google calendar for all meeting scheduling, forwarding, editing, and cancellation. No training, new tools, or workflows need to be introduced. 

Synergy SKY CONNECT includes all the following features:

Video Conferencing

Administrate and manage video conferences efficiently

One-click-to-join - Icon


Easy connection to all platforms from Cisco/Poly video devices

Conference control - Icon

Conference control

White-glove admin control

No-show detection alerts - Icon

No-show detection alerts

No more booked unused rooms


Microsoft Teams interactions on Cisco devices

Raise hand, layout control, participant list and more


Start on-time

Touch panel video meeting booking - Icon

Touch panel video meeting booking

Ad-hoc booking from Cisco touch panels


Presentation sharing

Supporting all presentation-sharing options. From the Teams client, you can either do screen or application share (PowerPoint or Whiteboarding). From Cisco / Poly devices, you can share presentations via cable or wireless sharing options like Miracast.

Meeting Room Optimization

Optimize your meeting resources and save costs by using meeting rooms to the fullest

Auto check-in - Icon

Auto check-in  

Into room calendar by sensors

Participant count - Icon

Participant count

People count by Cisco inbuilt sensors for room optimization and reports

Meeting success forecast - Icon

Meeting success forecast

Get compatibility or other disruption warnings before meeting starts

Phonebook - Icon


Multitiered contact directory on Cisco touch panels

Auto release of rooms with no-show - Icon

Auto release of rooms with no-show 

Less unused but booked rooms

For more information on each individual feature, click here.

The latest release notes can be found on our support portal.



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