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3 min read

From our CTO Sept 20

It is interesting times. We see new technologies emerging everywhere that allows us to...

2 min read

She who sends the invite first, decides the meeting platform

Recently catching up with some old friends at Poly(com) over email and we decided to get...

1 min read

Synergy SKY welcomes first partner in South Africa

Synergy Sky welcomes on-board its first South African Certified Global Partner, Prosirius...

10 min read

"Tandberg offshoot doubles revenue"

Growth in the American video conferencing market doubled Synergy SKY’s results last year....

2 min read

Synergy SKY expands to South Africa – meet our new Country Manager

Synergy SKY is excited to announce that we now have a presence in South Africa, with the...

3 min read

How to streamline business meetings in a mixed vendor era

How do you avoid painting yourself into a technology corner? Does the simple fact that...

2 min read

Meet our new Partner Account Manager for the UK

Having grown up in the collaboration field, there is no doubt Adele Thornton is a perfect...

3 min read

How to join meetings with video conferencing endpoints from home

It can be challenging to join a virtual meeting room (VMR) or a third-party UC...

3 min read

How much money is wasted on inefficient video conferencing culture?

We have the hardware; we have the software – but where are the company guidelines for...

2 min read

New Director of Sales, Gabriel Gely, takes on the Canadian market

In our effort to deliver simplified meeting technology to a wider market, we are excited...