Synergy SKY CONNECT: A Viable Alternative to the Sunsetting Poly RealConnect

Poly RealConnect, a video conferencing interoperability gateway for standards-based video systems to connect to Microsoft Teams and Skype meetings, is nearing its end of life. This leaves many businesses scrambling to find a suitable replacement.

Why Poly RealConnect Users Should Consider Synergy SKY CONNECT

Synergy SKY CONNECT offers a seamless transition for Poly RealConnect users. Here's why:

  • Effortless Integration: CONNECT works seamlessly with your existing Poly SIP devices, eliminating the need for costly equipment upgrades or user training.
  • Endpoint Agnostic: Synergy CONNECT supports a wide range of SIP endpoints from both Poly (Poly Studio, Poly Trio etc) and Cisco*
  • Simplified Meetings: One-click meeting, or One Touch Dial, (OTD). Streamline both the scheduling and the meeting-start-experience for users.
  • Cost-Effective: Synergy CONNECT offers a simple and affordable pricing structure, making it a budget-friendly alternative to Poly RealConnect.

Beyond Replacing Poly RealConnect

While Synergy CONNECT provides a smooth migration path for Poly RealConnect users, it offers several additional benefits:

  • Platform Agnostic: Synergy CONNECT extends the interoperability to also include Zoom and Google meetings at the same price and unbeatable feature set. 
  • Improved Scalability: The licensing is per video device and SIP registrar can be added, giving you time to consider future investments without needing to pay for multiple subscriptions or additional infrastructure. More.
  • Extended Content Sharing: Synergy CONNECT supports all presentation-sharing options. From the Teams, Google or Zoom client, you can either do screen or application share (PowerPoint Live or Whiteboarding). From Poly / Cisco devices, you can share presentations via cable or wireless sharing options.
  • Meeting Interactions: Raise hand, change layouts, open participant list and meeting chat and see from Cisco touch panel in all web meetings. See all reactions (emojis' 🙂👍💓👏)


Take the Next Step

Don't let the Poly RealConnect sunset disrupt your business communications. Explore Synergy CONNECT today and experience the future of video conferencing interoperability.

*Supported technologies



How Synergy SKY CONNECT works 

The SIP to Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google video call interoperability is done by the CONNECT service which handles the real-time media. The Management Suite is easily implemented on your own network with a VM image that can be hosted within most virtualized environments. This way, all CDR and booking data remain safe within your premises.

CONNECT is a future-proof solution built on industry standards like SIP, WebRTC, and HTML, ensuring long-term compatibility and flexibility. Read more

This “dual implementation” ensures data privacy while providing the scale and flexibility of a cloud service. Please note that the Government solution has a different setup.  

Synergy SKY Tech Diagram Small-1


The users can continue using Outlook or Google calendar for all meeting scheduling, forwarding, editing, or cancellation of meetings, instead of being introduced to new tools and workflows. It’s as easy as in-person meetings. No training needed. 



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