When is your communication really secure? 


As government agencies increasingly adopt Microsoft Teams for their communication needs, ensuring secure and seamless interoperability with existing video conferencing systems is paramount. Two primary solutions on the market — Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government and Microsoft Cloud Video Interop (CVI) — offer different approaches to this challenge. This post explores why Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government stands out as the only truly on-premises Teams interoperability solution, providing unparalleled security and simplicity. 

True On-Premises Solution with Synergy SKY CONNECT

Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government differentiates itself by operating entirely within an organization's network without the need for external nodes. This architecture contrasts starkly with Microsoft CVI, which requires a node in Azure per tenant. Here’s why this matters: 

  1. Simplicity and Control: Synergy SKY CONNECT runs within the secure confines of your on-premises infrastructure, meaning you have complete control over the system without relying on external cloud services. This autonomy is crucial for government departments that must adhere to strict data governance and security protocols. 
  2. Minimal External Connections: The only connection Synergy SKY CONNECT makes outside your network is a secure web connection to Teams meetings. This setup ensures site-to-site encryption directly to the Teams meeting, providing a robust security framework for sensitive communications. 
  3. Enhanced Security: By avoiding the need for external nodes, Synergy SKY CONNECT reduces potential attack vectors. The solution ensures that data remains within the secure perimeter of your network, which is critical for government agencies handling sensitive or classified information. 

Superior Security Compared to Microsoft CVI

When it comes to connecting to Teams meetings outside your organization, Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government offers a more secure approach than the SIP guest JOIN feature in Microsoft CVI. 

  1. Mitigated Man-in-the-Middle Risk: Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government is designed to minimize man-in-the-middle exposure. In contrast, Microsoft CVI’s SIP guest JOIN has a clear vulnerability as it requires media to be decrypted and re-encrypted by the CVI integrator's public cloud service. This process inherently exposes media to potential interception and unauthorized access. 
  2. Direct Encryption: With Synergy SKY CONNECT, media streams are encrypted end-to-end, ensuring that your communications remain confidential and secure throughout the transmission process. This direct encryption method is crucial for maintaining the integrity and privacy of government communications. 

Preferred Solution for US Government Departments

Given its superior security and true on-premises nature, Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government has become the preferred solution for US Government Departments operating in environments such as GCC (Government Community Cloud), GCC High, and DoD (Department of Defense). 

  1. Compliance and Trust: Synergy SKY CONNECT aligns with stringent government regulations and compliance requirements, making it an ideal choice for agencies needing reliable and secure interoperability solutions. 
  2. Proven Track Record: Many US Government departments have already adopted Synergy SKY CONNECT, leveraging its robust security features and ease of integration to enhance their communication systems. 


In an era where secure and efficient communication is vital, Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government stands out as the only truly on-premises Teams interoperability solution. Its ability to operate without external nodes, ensure site-to-site encryption, and provide superior security against man-in-the-middle attacks makes it the optimal choice for government agencies. As US Government departments continue to prioritize security and compliance, Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government is poised to remain their preferred interoperability solution within the GCC, GCC High, and DoD environments. 


Ståle Reitan

Written by Ståle Reitan

CEO and founder of Synergy SKY

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