There are 3 crucial factors you need to have in order to achieve a frictionless meeting experience across technologies and generations of products: CompatibilityInteroperability,  and Consistency

These challenges are not easy to fix. Especially if you find yourself in a technical environment filled with various generations of endpoints, conferencing platforms, and scheduling tools. Synergy SKY is vendor agnostic, we support your technologies for meetings. cisco_new7-1


One Button to Push (OBTP) and one-click into meetings on video conference terminals, saves the user from endless frustrations and dial-in issues.

However, it’s challenging to support OBTP with different vendors, endpoint and system generations, and a mix of on-prem and cloud solutions.

Synergy SKY is supporting OBTP on all Cisco endpoints, both on-prem and cloud. And Poly, One Touch Dial (OTD).


Cloud, on-prem, hybrid, or in transition? Looking at where the world was prior to March 2020 and where we are today, technology is changing faster and faster. Where will you be in a year or two from now?

The challenges are: You never know who you will talk to tomorrow and what platform you are invited to!?

Microsoft Teams has become the desktop standard - and SIP-based video conferencing from Webex and Poly is the meeting room standard. Synergy SKY CONNECT has interop as a network service between Teams WebRTC and SIP

Synergy SKY is laser-focused on supporting every transition no matter the platform or vendor.


With several meeting platforms, you get several workflows. To understand the user implication, we can just mention a few: Cisco CMS, Webex, Microsoft Skype, Teams, and don't forget Zoom.

Synergy SKY is meeting platform agnostic. We place the calendar (Outlook / G Cal) between the user and the meeting platform. If you can schedule an in-person meeting – you can schedule or receive a videoconference invitation and start with one click.

With Synergy Sensors in non-video rooms and Webex videoconference sensors in video rooms, you get ONE smart way to manage all your rooms.

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Vemun Waksvik

Written by Vemun Waksvik

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