Announcing integration with Cisco Webex Control Hub and Cisco Devices

Synergy SKY has already become one of the most used integrations in Control Hub.
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Synergy SKY Press Release:

Synergy SKY announces integration with Cisco Webex Control Hub and Cisco Devices, simplifying how to join and manage video meetings. 

[Oslo, Norway] – [May 16] Synergy SKY, a leading provider of video conferencing solutions, today announces the general availability of its Synergy SKY Connect integration with Cisco Webex Control Hub.  

While Cisco enables easy, scalable and secure deployment of video devices into all types of workspaces with central management through Cisco Webex Control Hub, Synergy Sky Connect provides a solution for easy join regardless of meeting platform being used, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Webex. 

“Cisco’s strategy for Devices is to be open and accessible to be used with any meeting platform. Now that Synergy Sky integrates with Cisco Webex Control Hub it will make it easier to scale and manage the ability to join any meeting for our joint customer base.” says Espen Løberg, VP of Products at Cisco. 

Key Benefits of Synergy SKY Integration with Webex Control Hub: 

  • Centralized Management: Manage and control from a single, intuitive interface within Webex Control Hub. 
  • Meeting Platform Agnostic: Join meetings on any platform with a single click, eliminating the need for complex configurations or dial-in strings. 
  • Simplified User Experience: Empower users to easily join and interact with meetings from the familiar Cisco Devices UI, regardless of the meeting platform. 
  • Streamlined Workflows: Improve collaboration and productivity by removing the friction associated with joining meetings across different platforms. 
  • Enhanced Security: Leverage the robust security features of both Synergy SKY and Webex Control Hub to ensure secure video conferencing experiences. 
  • Enhanced Room utilization: Release rooms when no meeting participant show up 

Synergy SKY with Webex Control Hub is ideal for businesses that: 

  • Want a simplified join experience when using multiple meeting platforms on regular basis 
  • Have a mixed device deployment from multiple vendors 
  • Are in public sector and operates both with hosted and on-premises Video solutions 
  • Seek a centralized management solution to scale their adoption of video in any workspace to support hybrid work 

About Synergy SKY 

Synergy SKY provides innovative software solutions that bridge the gap between video platforms and SIP devices.  Synergy SKY is an invisible interoperability, management and reporting tool for all Cisco video devices.


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