Empowering VTCs for Active Participation in Video Meetings

For far too long, video conferencing terminals (VTCs) have been relegated to the role of passive observers in web meetings. Synergy CONNECT is here to change that. Our innovative solution transforms VTCs into active participants, equipping them with a powerful suite of features designed to enhance the meeting experience for all users.

To access the new features you need to upgrade to latest Management Suite software and get the new macro

Seamless Interoperability Across Leading Platforms

Synergy CONNECT ensures effortless participation in Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google meetings directly from your Cisco VTC. This eliminates the need for complex configurations or additional hardware, fostering a truly unified experience.

Enhanced Engagement through Intuitive Controls

Synergy CONNECT empowers users with a range of intuitive controls, including:

  • Raise Hand: Gain the floor seamlessly with a dedicated raise hand function, ensuring you get the attention at the right moment.
  • Layout Control: Take command of the meeting layout and optimize the view for your specific needs.
  • Participant List: Maintain a clear overview of all participants.
  • Chat: Get visual on-screen cues on all chat activities in the meeting. Toggle to see full chat pane and follow the discussion.

Promoting Equality and a Sense of Togetherness

By ensuring all participants have access to the same layout options, Synergy CONNECT fosters a more equitable and inclusive meeting environment. This shared experience strengthens the sense of being present in the same virtual room, regardless of location.

Effortless Meeting Management: Join, Start, and Share with Confidence

Synergy CONNECT eliminates the common anxieties associated with video meetings:

  • Meeting Start-up: Never miss a beat! Leverage tight server-side calendar integration to receive a convenient "green button" prompt on your VTC, allowing you to launch any meeting with a single click.
  • Presentation Sharing Made Easy: Say goodbye to presentation sharing struggles. Synergy CONNECT supports all sharing methods, including wireless and wired connections, screensharing, and application sharing.

Transform Your VCT into a Meeting Hub

Synergy CONNECT empowers your VTC to become a versatile meeting hub. Join any meeting, whether it's your own scheduled event or an external invitation , directly from your device. There's no need for additional interop solutions like CVI or CRC – Synergy CONNECT provides everything you need for seamless video collaboration.


Unleash the full potential of your VTCs with Synergy CONNECT. Contact us today to learn more about how our solution can revolutionize your video conferencing experience!

How to enable the new macro on your Cisco device:

Please see Support documentation, 

macro 2.0

Screenshot of new macro in the Cisco web interface

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Vemun Waksvik

Written by Vemun Waksvik

Video Veteran

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