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2 min read

How to use Whiteboarding and PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams to Cisco and Poly  SIP video endpoints

In Microsoft Teams meetings the new presenting experience with PowerPoint Live,...

1 min read

Connect Webex devices to more meetings

Cross-platform video meetings shouldn’t be complicated. Watch Sean Lessman discuss the...

13 min read

How to connect SIP video endpoints to Microsoft Teams meetings

Better than CVI? 3 solutions in 1: Interoperability, Meeting workflow, Management suite


2 min read

Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government captivates the audience at Cisco Live

As the first Cisco Live! hybrid event ever and the first in-person one since 2019, the...

6 min read

SIP to Teams live demos showed easier meetings are possible at ISE 2022

Seeing is believing! One thing is to read information about the award-winning interop...

5 min read

Self-hosted interop solution securing video meetings for Government Agencies

Communication on different video conferencing platforms and devices can create a number...

2 min read

Synergy SKY wins the 'New Product Innovation Award' by Frost & Sullivan

We're proud to announce that we won the Global New Product Innovation Award in the video...

1 min read

Experience our award-winning gateway at ISE, Barcelona

Visit our booth to meet the team, get a demo and enjoy the best of Norwegian hospitality....

6 min read

How will “hybrid work” affect meeting room and videoconference utilization?

It has become more important than ever to know what "hybrid work" is, how it will develop...

9 min read

Connect more and manage better your business video meetings

The SIP to Teams interop and our management suite can now be found under one name.

4 min read

How to ensure video communication interoperability in 3 steps

As the home office backdrop slowly loses its charm and the need for a professional...

2 min read

We're opening 14 job positions. Help our New Year wishes come true!

We hope it's not too late to write down our New Year wishes. We're opening fourteen...
4 min read

In-room booking of room and video with Cisco Webex touch controller

With Synergy SKY in-room booking* you can book both room and video meeting ad-hoc from...

1 min read

Mark Dumas appointed to the position as COO

Having been with the company for almost four years as VP Products, we are excited to...

4 min read

Announcing new product: Synergy SKY CONNECT

Video meetings from a PC are easy and uncomplicated. Video meetings between typical...

4 min read

Unique features you get with Cisco Webex USB + Synergy SKY management suite

Beyond all the given features the number one video conferencing manufacturer provides, ...

3 min read

Does taking off Friday increase productivity?

I recently created a poll to ask a question on LinkedIn about whether my network works...

2 min read

Synergy SKY Suite 2.2 Release

Synergy SKY has once again raised the functionality bar for organizations with a...

2 min read

Get video dial-in link automatically for any booked meeting

With Synergy SKY management suite you can now get video dial-in details automatically...

3 min read

Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) replacement

Cisco TelePresence Management Suite and Cisco TelePresence Management Suite XE (Cisco...

3 min read

Get warnings of technical issues in upcoming video meetings

For all meetings booked in Outlook or Google calendar where there is a video conferencing...

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