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all the given features the number one video conferencing manufacturer provides, such as a 4K intelligent camera, integrated microphones, and auto noise reduction speakers, it also has smart IoT sensors that provide Presence Detection and People Count

You can join any meeting whether it's Webex, MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or any other VMR meeting.  

Combined with Synergy SKY software – you get the best bar! 

Synergy SKY’s platform is able to capture the sensor data and combine it with meeting room scheduling information from Microsoft Exchange (On-Premises or O365) or Google Suite Calendar. In doing so, whether the device is involved in a meeting or not, organizations are able to understand how their meeting rooms are being utilized (and at what capacity) in greater detail than ever before.

Ok, so what sort of detail are we talking about here? 

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Synergy SKY’s platform provides a dashboard view of each meeting room within an organization displaying: 

  • No. of Meetings scheduled 

  • No. of Late Shows 

  • No. of No Shows 

  • Booked % 

  • Peak, Prominent and Average People Count 

A deeper dive is then possible to investigate specific meeting information such as: 

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  • Earliest Presence detection

  • Presence duration 

  • Prominent and Peak People Count 


Great! So, what else can I learn about my environment? 

The Synergy SKY management suite's platform can also provide additional Property and User behavior metrics so that organizational decisions can be made based on real data. 

Automatic releasing of unused meeting rooms and calculating the cost of meeting room real estate waste aids in understanding what rooms are heavily utilized versus those that are not. The data gathered can also provide insights as to why a room may be underutilized. 

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An overview of platforms being used within an organization can also be attained to give insights as to what Users are more familiar with and assist with measuring organizational change. This information could also be used to promote internal platforms over others via Corporate messaging. 

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What is a video bar, huddle bar, videoconference bar?  

It is a bar, like a soundbar for a home TV set, with a camera, microphone, and speakers. And when connected to your PC you send better and higher quality video and audio to your video meeting than you do from a PC.  And if you also have an external screen or projector you get a “full” video conference experience.  


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