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7 unique benefits of Synergy SKY CONNECT; SIP to web interoperability

By Mariya Gabajiwala on Oct 4, 2023 12:49:00 PM

Synergy SKY CONNECT is an award-winning, multi-vendor gateway that connects any Cisco and Poly SIP video endpoint to Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom meetings. Here are seven unique benefits:

Topics: Collaboration Video Conferencing Interoperability Microsoft Teams
6 min read

Unlock flexible video conferencing: seamlessly integrate your video endpoints to Microsoft Teams meetings

By Mariya Gabajiwala on Jan 27, 2023 3:19:46 PM

A lot of companies today are mandating their workforce to return to the office. Whether your preferred way of working is from the office, hybrid or remote, one thing is for certain - video conferencing endpoints and meeting rooms in offices need to be flexible enough to include all working models.  

Topics: Video Conferencing Microsoft Cisco Mixed Workflows SIP Synergy SKY CONNECT
3 min read

Why is interoperability in video conferencing here to stay

By Mariya Gabajiwala on Oct 31, 2022 4:32:12 PM

The rise of multiple video platforms, their respective product versions and innumerable call protocols has made the video conferencing space more complex and harder to navigate. Interoperability is the only long-lasting solution that can solve this for organizations. 

One too many business meetings have been compromised due to the sheer availability of multiple video conferencing platforms in the industry, leaving users frustrated, output impacted, and potentially millions of dollars lost. Video users and meeting participants would like to walk into a meeting room and start their meeting on time, without thinking about the platform, interface, invite links, passwords, and other complex video conferencing challenges.  

Topics: Video Conferencing Microsoft Cisco Mixed Workflows Interoperability SIP Synergy SKY CONNECT
4 min read

Make your Cisco or Poly video conference device work like a Microsoft Teams Room in a Teams meeting

By Mariya Gabajiwala on Oct 13, 2022 9:42:00 AM

Presentation sharing and application sharing, interaction and control features on the Cisco devices supporting macros (Touch 10 panel, DX-series, Desk Pro etc.) improved audio and video quality and a dedicated loading screen are new features that will enhance your video meeting experience and business collaboration.  

Topics: Video Conferencing Microsoft Cisco Mixed Workflows Interoperability SIP Synergy SKY CONNECT Featured

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