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Transform Cisco/Poly Video Conferencing Devices to a Microsoft Teams Room

By Michael Peri on Nov 1, 2022 3:24:21 PM

Many organizations need a more inclusive and complete solution for interoperability right away. Synergy SKY CONNECT, which was launched earlier this year, can enable organizations to continue to use Cisco and Poly/Polycom devices in meeting rooms with Microsoft Teams.

At Microsoft Ignite, Cisco announced that in the first half of 2023 their latest generation Room OS devices will run Microsoft Teams natively. I applaud this development as users and administrators need simpler videoconferencing experiences when in the office. As significant as this announcement is, it unfortunately does not provide a solution for the 1 million+ older generation but high quality Cisco/Poly SIP devices which do not have the onboard processing power to support both native MTR and Webex device interoperability.

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