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Alternatives to Cisco TMS | Replacing TMS XE

By Vemun Waksvik on Jun 15, 2021 9:42:59 AM

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Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (Cisco TMS) is a portal for managing and monitoring your videoconferencing network from a single, structured interface. Cisco TMS provides centralized control for on-site and remote video systems, deployment and scheduling for your entire video network.

Some organizations have technical environments where the Cisco TMS is not an alternative due to:

    • Different calendaring system
    • Transitions from on-prem to hybrid or cloud deployments
    • Multi-vendor devices
    • Multi-vendor meeting platforms
    • Need for more flexible deployment options
    • Need for facility and room support for non-video conferencing resources
    • Hybrid workspace 

The Synergy SKY Suite (The Suite) makes it easier to schedule, join, control and report on video conferencing and meeting rooms and is a great alternative to TMS. Synergy SKY is also a Cisco Solutions Plus partner and Cisco Webex Compatible.

Bring extra value to Cisco Webex video conferencing by providing One Button to Push (OBTP), where Cisco TMSXE can’t:

    • Join multi-vendor meeting platforms (Webex, Teams, Zoom, Pexip etc)
    • OBTP on on-prem CMS
    • OBTP on C-series, CTS, DX, EX, MX, SX, IX on-prem and cloud
    • Provide Click-to-Join on POLY to easily join Webex or CMS meetings
    • Calendars supported: Exchange, O365, Google

Combine data from

The Suite has similar features and, in some cases, broader scope. The Suite has the following features:

    • One workflow throughout the meeting cycle: scheduling, joining and forwarding all meetings 
    • Scheduling and Calendar integration: MS Exchange, O365 – commercial and GCC, Google
    • White-Glove Meeting management: CMS, Pexip, Cisco devices
    • Multi-vendor analytics
    • Presence: No-show, check-in and automatic release of no-show meetings
    • Multi-vendor device support for easy join services (One-Button-To-Push and Click-to-Join)
    • Interpret and processes CVI dialling instructions from all CVI solutions
    • Multi-vendor meeting platform support
    • Flexible deployment models: on-prem, hybrid or cloud. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMWare, HyperV
    • Facilities and non-video room support with IoT sensors
    • High availability
    • Linux based

Get a demo today to find out if the Suite can help you manage your video and meeting room facilities today, tomorrow and in the future.

One thing is for sure – change is the only constant and Synergy SKY is multi-vendor.



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Vemun Waksvik

Written by Vemun Waksvik