In Microsoft Teams meetings the new presenting experience with PowerPoint Live, Whiteboarding, and Hand raising introduces interactivity beyond traditional static presentation sharing (BFCP).

Only Synergy SKY gives you a similar native MS Teams experience on SIP devices.

Many organizations have existing SIP video teleconferencing and personal video communication devices that are not compatible with MS Teams. However, there is no need for expensive rip and replace that will also cost you time and effort!

The future is application sharing, not screen sharing

With Synergy SKY CONNECT you can join to an MS Teams meeting from your endpoint, and you will be able to see the shared PowerPoint Live presentation, Whiteboarding, and Raise-Hand Reactions. See the video on how it works here. This will give you more interactive meetings and you can enjoy the native Teams experience while saving money, time, and effort since it already works with your setup. 

Synergy SKY CONNECT is not CVI (which does not deliver a native MS Teams meeting experience and does not support these advanced MS Teams features). Synergy SKY is a cloud-based videoconferencing gateway, allowing you to experience these advanced features in your SIP to MS Teams meetings.

If you are a government agency, looking for a similar MS Teams meeting experience on SIP devices, CONNECT is also available as a self-hosted gateway solution. Read more about Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government here.

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