When deciding on software to streamline your set-up and eliminate your challenges, it is important that this software gives you the needed features today, tomorrow, and for the future. 

Your solution needs to be: 

    There is no better quality assurance than a certified solution. This ensures reliability and scalability. Like with anything else in life, a certified product gives you the assurance you need for quality and security. 

    Technology changes fast in today's climate, and it's crucial that your software is positioned to handle these developments so you can follow the technical evolution and stay ahead.  

Ever Changing Industry Evolution

    Don't paint yourself in a technology corner. A solution that might sound favorable due to price and interaction with your current system, might become costly down the road when you need to change the underlying platform or technology. Going with a solution that is not tied to a specific vendor is always a good idea. Synergy SKY has a server-side integration to Exchange / Google Calendar which makes it invisible to the user while allowing for scheduling videoconference meetings with the same workflow as any other meeting. This also allows IT to move technology from on-prem to the cloud or swap vendors without disturbing the users.

How does Cisco define a supported solution?

  • Global assurance of quality, consistency, and performance

  • Reliable, secure, scalable, and future proof

  • Validated integration points

  • For Cloud or On-premise Webex Rooms deployments​

Synergy SKY is an official Cisco Solutions Plus Partner. The Synergy SKY Suite is certified by Cisco as Webex Compatible in two categories: Easy Join Services (OBTP and OTD) and Analytics

This means that when you implement the Synergy SKY Suite to optimize your VC set-up, you can rest assured knowing your unified collaboration investment is the most secure and reliable on the market. 

What do you get with the Synergy SKY solution?

We support you and your workflow by allowing you to choose a vendor or technology; whether it's on-prem, hybrid, cloud, or in transition.


Vemun Waksvik

Written by Vemun Waksvik

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