With Synergy SKY Suite you can now get video dial-in details automatically inserted when you schedule a meeting, without having to click the Microsoft Teams plug-in or adding @webex in the location field. You will never have to forget to add the video option again. 

There are a million reasons as to why we sometimes won’t make it to the physical meeting, especially in the dawn of the hybrid workspace when most of us will work from home interchangeably. Locating the meeting invitation and adding a video dial-in path should no longer be necessary. It should happen automatically.

The Synergy SKY Suite can now be configured to insert video call-in details from Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, or your on-prem Cisco CMS or Pexip, into every meeting invitation where there is a room added in the invitation. The organizer will no longer need to remember to add the video option manually, or how it is done. If the organizer inserts video meeting details manually, the Synergy SKY Suite will not add or change that.



This makes it easier for every organization to embrace the hybrid workspace without the hassle, as we won't know where people will be working from when the meeting occurs.

Another issue this new feature solves is when you send out the invite and forget to click the plug-in or add the meeting alias. This is a common mistake that is frustrating for the meeting receiver and embarrassing for the organizer

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Julie Remen

Written by Julie Remen

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