6 min read

Synergy SKY is now available on your Control Hub dashboard

By Vemun Waksvik on May 16, 2024 3:40:09 PM

Synergy SKY has already become one of the most used integrations in Control Hub.

Synergy SKY Press Release:

Topics: Cisco Webex Interoperability Synergy SKY CONNECT
2 min read

Get video dial-in link automatically for any booked meeting

By Vedia Eskicioglu on Aug 21, 2021 2:32:00 PM

With Synergy SKY Management Suite you can now get video dial-in details automatically inserted when you schedule a meeting, without having to click the Microsoft Teams plug-in or adding @webex in the location field. You will never forget to add the video option again. 

Topics: Video Conferencing Cisco Webex

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