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In-room booking of room and video with Cisco Webex touch controller

By Vemun Waksvik on Jun 8, 2023 1:30:00 PM

With Synergy SKY in-room booking, you can book both room and video meetings ad-hoc from your touch panel if the room is available. In addition, the 30.03 SW release has: Cisco Endpoint Phone Books, Room Issue Notifications.

Topics: Video Conferencing Release Notes Cisco
4 min read

Get warnings of technical issues in upcoming video meetings

By Vedia Eskicioglu on Sep 17, 2021 2:33:00 PM

For all meetings booked in Outlook or Google calendar where there is a video conferencing resource involved, the Synergy SKY Management Suite can notify the administrator if there is a potential problem with a scheduled meeting.

Topics: Release Notes Synergy CONTROL

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