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Bring Cisco WebEx Board and Room Series into MS Skype / Teams Meetings

Dec 11, 2018 2:24:42 PM

Learn how to easily connect your Cisco video collaboration endpoint into a Skype / Teams meeting with one-click, while scheduling natively in Outlook or Google Calendar.

You have probably faced this challenge many times: you get a Skype meeting Webex Board OBTP to Teams Meetinginvitation that you would like to join from your video meeting room or from your video endpoint, but how can this be done in a simple way?

Synergy JOIN, scheduling and starting video meetings is incredibly quick and easy. Stop worrying about the meeting platform type. Simply click accept for the meeting invite and push the green button on the video endpoint/touch panel to instantly get in! Installation is done in minutes by the video admin

If the respective meeting room resource has been added into a calendar invitation (both Exchange, O365 and Google are supported), then all is done. You can do this straight away while scheduling the meeting, add it anytime later or forward a meeting invitation you received, to that room / video system.

The video admin configures appropriate matching rules in Synergy JOIN, so the calendar invitation dial-in strings, such as SIP addresses and meeting links, are recognised and correctly processed. Room resource enablement in JOIN makes sure to deliver the green button or an automatic incoming call to a related video endpoint. If such call requires an interoperability gateway service, this is handled by other infrastructure components, such as Ciso Meeting Server or Pexip Infinity.

See How-to video 

Video Endpoints

Cisco video endpoints - OBTP

WebEx Room Series, C-series, MX-series, SX-series, EX-series, DX-series

Polycom video conference endpoints - CTJ

HDX, Group Series, Trios

All other video endpoints

 Synergy JOIN can do dial-out to endpoint



O365 and Exchange on-prem

Google Calendar

G Suite

Conference Services

MCU Platforms: Cisco CMS and Pexip Infinity

Online meeting platforms: Skype for Business, BlueJeans, Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams, Videxio, Zoom and many others


Read the matching rules for Skype for Business and Teams:



Vemun Waksvik
Written by Vemun Waksvik

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