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What is the Synergy SKY Suite?

Think of meeting resources in a circular way. Control and measure every step from scheduling to end. Then, improve with data points and statistics. 

Every step must be quick and user-friendly to make the Meeting successful.

The Synergy SKY Suite is built to support your collaboration investment across calendars, meeting rooms and video conferencing to make meetings effortless with zero user training and with efficient admin tools. It also includes interoperability between Teams meetings and SIP endpoints, allowing users to join any Teams meeting from your meeting rooms with SIP-enabled devices regardless of vendor or models.  

Retain a simple user experience and workflow for scheduling and starting meetings no matter if you change UC vendor or are migrating to/from the cloud. 

​User experience and adoption is the best way to measure the success of technology deployment. Synergy SKY Suite will not introduce new tools or procedures to the user but simplify the workflow utilizing your existing tools.



– One-click meetings on your video systems (Cisco and Poly), regardless of platform

– Interoperability between Teams meetings and SIP endpoints – join any Teams meeting from a SIP-enabled device

– An easy way to schedule, launch, automate and manage videoconferences – for single- or multivendor environments

– Freedom to move between on-prem and cloud (or hybrid) without interrupting your technical setup 

– A user-friendly way of scheduling and joining any meeting (Outlook or Gcal)



Frequent user errors

– Dial-in issues and long dial-in strings

– Booked out but empty meeting rooms

– Loss of control during technical migrations (On-prem, cloud or hybrid)

– locking yourself to one vendor


The Synergy SKY Suite supports all major brands and calendaring services and no rip n' replace is needed. 

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How does it work?

By server-side integration to your calendars, video endpoints, and infrastructure the Synergy SKY Suite will monitor meeting invitations and insert video details based on your policies to invitations and one-click buttons to end points. During the meeting, the admin can monitor and deliver white-glow service. After the call, you get insights and reports
See our overview of Supported Technologies and a technical diagram

Leverage data from your:

- Calendar Platforms: Office 365, Google Calendar, MS Exchange
- IoT sensors: Presence/occupancy sensors in your Cisco endpoints or Synergy Sensors
- User behaviour:  End-user trends such as which conferencing platforms are actually being used, typical user errors, no-show in meeting rooms, actual start and stop time and other patterns. 
- Video endpoints: Cisco and Poly
- Virtual meetings: all platforms your organization are operating on and mixed vendor environments 

Combine data from


Turn the data in to valuable insight and features:

Synergy SKY Features




Interop for SIP and Teams Meetings

The Synergy SKY CONNECT product allows all SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based endpoints to connect to Microsoft Teams meetings. Synergy SKY has developed a new patented* solution for interoperability between video conferencing platforms.

The scope of the Synergy SKY technology leverages years of multivendor expertise to ensure a transparent and consistent user experience, no matter the SIP endpoint type or age, when joining a Microsoft Teams meeting.

*Available from December 21st 




one-touchJoin every meeting in one touch

Book the meeting as you normally would in your email client, and simply invite the video alias to the meeting. In a few seconds, the green join-button will appear for all meeting participants (including on endpoints for individuals and meeting rooms), and you can join the meeting in one click, regardless of the vendor you or the participants are using.

E.g. One-Click dial from Cisco and Poly into Teams meetings

Why are one-touch meetings important?
The average time it takes to start a meeting is 12 minutes. Dial-in issues is a common struggle, especially when in mixed vendor environments and external meetings. These delays eats up valuable meeting time and creates pressure on the IT help desks, which eventually becomes costly for the company and the employees. 









Automatic Room ReleaseAutomatic Release of No-Show Rooms

The Synergy SKY Suite enables IoT sensor technology in Cisco Room Series or separate Synergy Sensors, to automatically release booked rooms when no one shows up for the meeting. This often happens when the participant(s) decide to conduct the meeting from their desk, from home or a different remote location. 

The virtual meeting remains untouched. 

Why is the automatic release of no-show rooms important? 
No-show meetings are costly for the company, as it gives the illusion of having insufficient meeting space when in fact the rooms are left empty. 







In-Room Booking

In-Room Booking


Book ad-hoc Teams meetings directly from the meeting room on your Cisco Touchpad and invite participants directly from the directory. Join the meeting immediately with one click.




AnalyticsMeeting Insights


The analytics tool in the Synergy SKY Suite leverages data on the meeting room infrastructure, sensor information and meeting infrastructure equipment to reveal trends and optimization opportunities that are obscured by disparaged meeting and scheduling systems. This provides insight into: 

- Meeting reports
- Meeting room and video conferencing / UC utlization

- Meeting trends and RoI
- Meeting tools usage
- Meeting room cost efficiency
...And much more. 

The software serves IT and facility departments with insights that can be leveraged to optimize resources and cut costs where rooms and UC investments are used in little to no degree. 

Why are meeting insights important? 
Improving efficiency and saving cost always begins with measuring and analyzing data to get the insight needed to make further decisions – simple as that. 






End of meeting alertsEnd of meeting alerts


Ending a meeting on time is just as important as starting on time. With end of meeting alerts, all participants in the video conference will be notified when the meeting is coming to an end, and when the meeting is running over time. 

Why are end of meeting alerts important?
When a meeting runs overtime it can affect participants future meetings and tasks, and result in participants missing out on important information. Sticking to the agenda and upholding meeting times is important for efficiency and saving time.






Control Virtual MeetingsDetect, monitor and operate virtual meetings

Take control of your company meetings with a clean and intuitive dashboard for all business meetings (internal and external). 

Besides full meeting overview, you also have the following features: 

- Add and remove participants
- Forward meetings to rooms and endpoints
- Mute/unmute participants
- Lock virtual meetings 
- Create lists of important meetings
- See which video conferencing vendors are being used to dial in with
... And much more

Why is control of company meetings important?
With a control panel for all meetings you get the overview, insight and technical features needed in order to save time and cost on your company meetings. You can also use control to gain insight in to meeting habits to take action where needed in order to improve efficiency. 

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SoT Insight (2)Investment protection with zero training necessary 

Our solutions are developed to create synergies between different technologies such as Microsoft, Cisco and Zoom. 

The software is created with all users in mind, and does not require any user training.

With server-side integrations of our scheduling software, the user books meetings natively in their calendar independent if you are moving to another technology. Backward compatible and future proof is good for your investments.

Why is zero training important? 
The Synergy SKY Suite is created to make life easier for both the end user and the collaboration facilitator. Spending hours and days on training the employees to use software that is meant to make life easier and more efficient does not make sense – this is time-consuming and costly for the company. That is why our solution require no training or introduction for the users. 



recordEnable Recording and Streaming of meetings

Simply by inviting a recording alias to your meeting, you can easily stream or record any meeting. The link with the recording or stream will be visible in the meeting invitation in the calendar of those invited to the meeting and can be shared as needed. 

Why is recording and streaming of meetings important?
This is a great tool to use in important business meetings, lectures, town halls, training videos and interviews. It is also convenient for employees unable to attend certain meetings, as well as for taking notes after the meeting. 

In the end, this saves the company time and cost as they avoid having to redo the meetings. 


no-showNo-show Detection and
e-mail alerts

With Synergy SKY Suite IoT sensor technology, the meeting organizer can get notified if the meeting room is empty and will be given the option to hold or release the room.

The virtual meeting remains untouched. 

Why are no-show detections and e-mail alerts important? 
No-show meetings are costly for the company, as it gives the illusion of not having insufficient meeting space when in fact the rooms are left empty. With an email alert the meeting organizer is in control and can decide whether the room should remain booked or released for others to use. 


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