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While recently catching up with some old friends at Poly(com) over email and we decided to get together on video. Poly has partnerships with many of the different cloud meeting services, so a meeting with a Poly person could mean meeting on any one of the major platforms today. 

I have a DX-80 registered to Cisco WebEx at my home office. It was in my best interest to invite her to my meeting for simplicity's sake, not the other way around.

She who sends the invite first decides the meeting platform.

The scramble was on. But my friend had already set up the meeting and pushed send before me and a minute later a Zoom invite dropped into my inbox. I lost the race and the meeting would be held on Zoom and not WebEx.

I then had two choices: pick through the Zoom invite and hope to make sense of it and find the right number to dial for my device, or just forward the invite to my DX-80’s mailbox in my calendaring system (Exchange/O365 or Google) and push the button that appears on my DX’s screen — so I forwarded the invite from my iPhone to sl.office@synergysky.com(my DX80)

Buttons are easy. Finding the correct dial in info and then manually entering is slow and prone to error, especially on a remote control

The time came for our catch-up, the button appeared on my DX80 and I pressed it. We had a great chat catching up.

The best part about the Synergy SKY CONNECT is that Poly could have sent me an invite for any of their partners' platforms and I could still just forward it to my endpoint and press the button - I don't need to know what meeting platform they are using. No need to figure out any dialing instructions or how to manually dial anything. One less frustration in this age of hybrid collaboration. 

How to achieve one-click meetings on video conferencing endpoints from home

It can be challenging to join a virtual meeting room (VMR) or a third-party UC Platform like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet when your device is using your home network. This challenge has been solved and it is now possible for users of Cisco Webex video conferencing endpoints to join a VMR or any third party UC platform with one click using the Synergy SKY - We call it Join from Home.

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Sean Lessman

Written by Sean Lessman

Vice President and General Manager, US Federal and Public Sector, at Synergy SKY

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