How do you schedule and start meetings when you have six platforms to choose from?

The challenge this Fortune 100 IT company presented to us was that they neededCONNECT_graphic_260124 to control and maintain the workflow for collaboration and video meetings.  After years of multiple company acquisitions and mergers, they were supporting many different platforms. Their users were scheduling a variety of meeting types: one of the companies acquired used WebEx, one company used Zoom, while another company they just acquired was using BlueJeans. Their corporate collaboration was Skype for Business and they were migrating to Teams. They had over 600 conference rooms, both Cisco and Polycom, that nobody really knew how to connect to their meetings.


"The goal was to achieve one uniform way to schedule and start all meetings"

Their goal was to achieve one uniform way to schedule and start all meetings in Outlook.  With so many different platforms they had to maintain their user workflow and keep the scheduling process the same for everyone.  The company could not change the way users scheduled their WebEx meetings, or Skype Meetings or Zoom meetings, etc. That process had to remain constant AND they had to start all meetings with Cisco One Button to Push (OBTP) and Polycom One-Touch-Dial (OTD) for video rooms, regardless of the meeting platform. And oh, by the way, the company wanted custom branded invites, with their corporate logo added to the invitations.

Their solution to the challenge was to implement Synergy SKY management suite.  Now all employees (150 000+) schedule all their meetings the way they normally do.  They schedule their preferred meeting platform in Outlook and start all of these meetings from their conference rooms or other devices with one click.

This will protect their collaboration investments, as there is no need to rip and replace well-functioning equipment. Happy administrators. Happy users. Happy CFO. 

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Does the above sound familiar? Or are you moving from on-prem to hybrid or cloud? Are you having a mix of old and new technologies? All organizations are unique and you never know what will happen tomorrow. Build your strategy for the future - on top of what you have. That's smart! 

Vemun Waksvik

Written by Vemun Waksvik

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