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As the home office backdrop slowly loses its charm and the need for a professional meeting setting increases, people are beginning to travel into the office to make use of meeting rooms for their video meetings.  

Video conferencing utilization will increase even after we return to the office, which highlights the need for proper video conferencing equipment in all meeting rooms and a strategy for UC interoperability. 

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Here are three important considerations to make while deciding on technologies and strategies:  

1. Prepare meeting rooms for video conferencing – all meetings will need video back-up

All meetings should now have a video conferencing back up due to the following reasons:

  • Travelling for business meetings will be heavily reduced ­­– video will become the new normal.

  • Employees are travelling into the office meeting rooms to be able to conduct video business meetings in a professional and secure setting.

  • Employees will be working from home intermittently for the unforeseeable future, and so the location of your meetings will always switch between virtual and physical.

Even though we are going back to the office in the future, working remotely and meeting over video is now adopted by the workforces as the new normal. This is why it is necessary to equip your meeting with optimal, professional video conferencing technology and software, to cater to the increase in video collaboration.


2. Utilize sensor technology for deeper insight and efficient workflows

Meeting rooms with video endpoints is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, and in this list, we will assume this is either already in place or on its way. 

However, when these meeting rooms are being utilized, it becomes important to optimize these video rooms with tools for efficient workflows, meeting insights and analytics. 

With Synergy SKY IoT sensors or Cisco Webex Room (which has inbuilt sensors) in your meeting room you can leverage real-time and historical data for:

  • Debooking – release meeting rooms (automatic and/or with email notification) for no-show, ghost and zombie meetings

  • People count – are people utilizing the right room for their group size and meeting workflow? 

  • Mixed vendor environment overview – which platforms are being used in your organization? 

  • Meeting room cost-efficiency

  • Much more data can be analyzed and calculate your RoI and organizational meeting trends.

    Meeting room Synergy SKY

Prepare for change ­­­– go with platform-neutral software


In order to protect your video conferencing investment when people return to the office with their computers full of new cloud solutions, it’s crucial to have platform-independent software that can give the user one consistent experience across technologies and platforms.

Surveys show that it takes 12 minutes to start a video meeting. Reduce that to seconds, no matter the UC platform.  

By utilizing your corporate calendar (Outlook or Google) as the interface between the user and the video platform – everyone will be able to book even “complicated” video meetings with internal and external participants with any services like recording, streaming, auto-dial out and one-click to connect from anywhere.  

This will simplify the user experience exponentially and as a result, reduce the need for IT  support on UC issues which equals time and money.

An independent software layer for the optimal experience

We are living in a time when the ability to join, control and analyze your meeting behaviour is crucial. At the same time, you will want to eliminate or reduce the need for IT support on issues related to video conferencing, as well as maintain the flexibility to change video conferencing / technology vendors in the future.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of having the agility and technology to make decisions supporting changes in the way we work.

Synergy SKY creates the only platform-independent software for streamlined one-click meetings. This means you have the freedom to choose the video conferencing or collaboration technology vendor that is right for you, without having to compromise ease of use or flexibility to switch platforms in the future. We support all major video conference and calendar vendors 

Schedule video meetings in your calendar and invite or forward video meetings to video rooms in your calendar client. The one-button-to-push/click-to-join will appear in your selected room, eliminating long dial-in strings and connectivity issues.  

Control and monitor all video meetings in one dashboard across technologies. Analyze your company’s meeting culture with exact IoT sensor data and get an overview of mixed vendor environments and other important meeting data.   

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Written by Vemun Waksvik

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