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Enable Your Video Rooms to Join More Meetings

Connect any Teams, Google, Zoom or Webex meeting from any Cisco / Poly device*

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We connect millions of meetings for:

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SIP to Web Interoperability
and video conferencing management 

Synergy SKY CONNECT makes it easy for you to connect video conference devices to Teams, Google, Zoom and Webex* and manage video meetings in a multi-vendor and -technology environment. With Synergy SKY CONNECT you get:


Interoperability between your SIP video devices and Teams, Meet, and Zoom, also from external organizations 

• A self-hosted Management Suite for video devices and meeting rooms


*Zoom support to be made available in Q4 2023

Unique features
on Cisco:

 Easily schedule or receive invitations and seamlessly connect SIP devices to both internal and external Teams meetings.

Receive and share all presentations, incl. PowerPoint Live and whiteboarding

 Display native Teams layouts and get Interactions; Raise hand, participant list etc.


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Making your meetings start on time


If you have video conferencing systems, meeting rooms and are using Outlook / Google as your calendar solution; we can help you improve and streamline the user experience and administration.

Synergy SKY is the synergizer to your existing install base.

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One button to push into all cloud meetings on SIP devices. No plug-ins, No user training. Start all meetings on-time

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Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams,
Poly, Zoom, Google, etc.
On-prem, Hybrid, or Cloud
List of Supported Technologies

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Use Outlook for all your meeting actions. One source for meeting admin and reports. Compatibility between different technologies internally and externally 

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can improve your meetings

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Video Conferencing

Make your video conferencing easy to use and manage. We support Cisco, Poly, and other major platforms, today and tomorrow, on-prem or cloud.


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Multi-vendor Insights

Control and analyze your meeting behavior. Get meeting reports by collecting data points from your technologies.


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Multi-vendor Insights

Control, analyze and adjust your meeting behavior.
Get meeting reports by collecting data points from your technologies.


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Meeting Room Optimization

Use sensors to get participant count, auto check-in, auto release of rooms with no-show, and other features that help you utilize space correctly in regards to meeting purpose and group size.


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