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Experience true meeting freedom! Enter your Teams, Google, or Zoom meeting link below and Synergy SKY will generate a magic URI. You put the URI on your video system and say goodbye to platform silos - join any meeting, anywhere, anytime.

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How to

This free video interoperability tool is providing you with a URI address you can put into your SIP video device and call any web meeting. Just copy the URL from any video meeting into the form below.

  1. Paste the meeting url into the form field and click "Generate URI"
    (you can obtain your meeting url by copying the link in your meeting invitation. See example below).

  2. Synergy CONNECT will return a URI in this format:

  3. Type the URI into your video conference device.

  4. Your device will now connect to the meeting.

Teams invite GIF
  • PS You call into your own meeting. Make sure at least one more is connected to the meeting.
  • This gateway trial has feature limitations and do not have the full feature set you get in CONNECT


What’s next?

  • Discover all the other features that are included in Synergy CONNECT.

  • Get Synergy CONNECT today!