Synergy JOIN Trial

Start all video meetings on-time, every time with 'one-click'

Instead of manually connecting video conference systems to Skype / Teams / Webex / Zoom etc., let Synergy JOIN do the job!

What's the deal?

  • Free Synergy JOIN Trial for 14 days. Can be extended and upgraded. 
  • Support and service provided


  • One Button to Push for Cisco endpoints
  • Click-to-Join for Polycom endpoints
  • Auto Dial-Out to other endpoints
  • Supports Pexip, Cisco CMS, Videonor, Videxio,  StarLeaf etc
  • Creates One-time VMR meetings when greater privacy is needed + PIN Code
  • Enable One-Click-to-JOIN from video endpoints in Skype4B, Team, Webex,  and VMR meetings
  • Forward external Skype4B, Teams, Webex, Zoom, BlueJeans and other VMR invitations to video systems and get OBTP / CTJ
  • Initiate recording with integrations from Rec.VC, Panopto and Quickchannel directly from your calendar

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