Pricing and how to buy

The Synergy SKY licensing is easy to calculate and understand. You pay a flat price per videoconferencing system / room. There are no additional or hidden costs and you get both interoperability and the management suite platform.

A license includes: Interoperability between SIP and Teams, Google Meet and Zoom. SIP video device registration (SIP registrar), easy join service (one-click) and more.  


Easy to understand, install and consume

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Synergy SKY solutions can also be sourced trough the Cisco Solution+ program and Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
Free Trial License
Monthly Price
$ 0
$ 6
Starting at
$ 51
$ 7
SIP to Teams interop
SIP to Zoom interop
SIP to Google interop
Management Suite
Auto release of rooms with no-show, touch panel video meeting booking, multi-vendor insights, participant count, conference control, meeting success forecast, auto check-in, phonebook, no-show detection alerts, amongst other features helping you join, control and analyze video meetings in a multi-vendor environment.
Unlimited Access
Users of the free trial will lose access after one week.
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