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12 minutes is the average time it takes to start a video meeting

Start on-time, every time with Synergy JOIN




4,1 million users enjoy a better video meeting experience with Synergy JOIN


Synergy JOIN

Synergy JOIN provides a simple and user-friendly method to schedule and start video meetings. Users can book video conferences in Outlook or Google Calendar without plug-ins and join with ‘one-click’ from a video conferencing system, desktop and mobile regardless of vendor

Eliminate costly and annoying delays with Synergy JOIN


Start all video calls with one-click from Cisco and Polycom endpoints. Dial-in support to all other endpoints. Calendars get a custom link to click


Forward to video rooms

Forward incoming invitations (from Skype / Teams , WebEx, Spark, Hangouts, Zoom, StarLeaf and other VMR providers) to meeting rooms

Schedule with no plug-ins

Schedule online meetings with no plug-ins. Schedule video conferences natively in Outlook/ O365 and Google Calendar/ G Suite

Some of the Supported Technologies

Join meetings with the push of a button! 

Synergy JOIN has a server-side integration to your email/calendaring platform, MCU/GW and video endpoints. When installed, it’s totally hidden for the user, who can schedule meetings natively in their calendar and join by one-click from anywhere - just like magic!



The way it works is genius, it's so simple! Now users just go into the meeting room, push the green button and it's on.
Lee Sullivan
Monster Worldwide
We got this up and running in 5 minutes and it works GREAT. We are stoked!
Yohan Beghein
Synergy JOIN is a huge timesaver! It eliminates the typical 5 minute-delays that we used to have by kicking video meetings off right away – automatically
Bret R. Doser
PacificSource Healthcare

Watch demo of the most popular use cases

Recorded webinar with explanations and walktrough of common challenges getting video meetings to start on-time. Includes one-click-to-join from video conference to Webex, MS Teams, Skype4B, Zoom, static VMR, Dynamic VMR and forwarding of video invitations



Save time in every step

1) Scheduling: Finding the right room and video platform can be difficult. With JOIN, you only need to know whom to meet and a keyword like “video”

2) Joining: All attendees, both internal and external, get a custom and intuitive e-mail invitation with a green button. Video endpoints get a green button lit up on the touchscreen

3) Ending: Meetings can drag out. With JOIN, you get 'end of conference' warnings


Typical scenarios

Synergy JOIN solves a broad range of problems. Here are some examples:


Book a Teams / Skype / Hangouts / WebEx meeting and join with one click from any video endpoint (any combination)



Book a meeting in one of your video conference rooms and join with one click from Teams / Skype / Hangouts / WebRTC clients


Your organization has a mix of vendors* and ease-of-use is an issue.

We allow one click to join from all vendors to the same meeting
(*Cisco, Polycom, Skype for Business, Hangouts, Webex, Jabber etc.)


Time is money

Every minute wasted on "how-to"-problems when connecting to a video meeting means reduced productivity. Use our calculator to calculate the cost of your organization's waste of time


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Learn How to Achieve 'One-Click' Meetings

Our e-book gives you an overview of the most common user scenarios. Understand how JOIN can solve your video conferencing problems