team synergy


Case Study:
University of Maryland



Technologies: Webex, Zoom, Poly, Microsoft Teams

Endpoint: Cisco and Poly

Synergy SKY simplified the University of Maryland’s multi-platform video conferencing challenges; provided one button to push to join all meetings.


The University of Maryland’s School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry consists of about 1000 faculty and staff. They provide medical treatment in 14 Adult and Juvenile facilities within the State of Maryland; the Doctors are available to meet with the patients over video 24/7.  



The university needed a better process for its doctors and nurses to be able to extend medical treatment to their patients. They have around 20 Cisco and Poly video conferencing devices, and are using Webex, Zoom and Microsoft Teams to communicate with their patients and staff across the State. These multiple platforms at the University raised interoperability issues for users, caused disruptions and delayed most of their meetings. University of Maryland, therefore, sought a solution that could offer doctors and nurses a simple method of connecting to their meetings booked in Outlook, regardless of the meeting platforms. 



Synergy SKY solved the university’s video conferencing challenges with a centralized software installation that provides a green "join" button into the video meeting on Poly and Cisco (Crestron and Touch 10) video conferencing panels. Synergy SKY can connect the call, whether it is a Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex meeting.  

Doctors and nurses, therefore, can walk into the meeting room, push the “JOIN” button and get into the scheduled meeting on time. This eliminated the need for the technical team to run around assisting and troubleshooting video meetings for the users. The technical team at the University were happy with how easy Synergy SKY suite was to install. The Management Suite also provided meeting analytics so the admins can see how many calls are being made and on what type of video collaboration platforms.    



Providing the Synergy SKY Management Suite solution eliminated the need for travel for doctors and nurses, saved costs for the university, and reduced the number of technical problems. The University of Maryland is very happy with this solution