team synergy


Case Study:
Public Sector Industry

Synergy SKY solved a Federal Company’s video conferencing challenges by enabling their existing Cisco and Poly video endpoints to connect to all Microsoft Teams Meetings. 


A Federal Systems Company has six business units and around 1000 video endpoints consisting of Cisco and Poly video devices along with some Microsoft Teams Rooms. They work closely with other agencies that use Zoom, Webex and Microsoft 365 Teams for Government, GCC*, use Zoom for Government** for their internal communications and Outlook for scheduling meetings. The Federal company was left with a mix of different video platforms, which caused confusion amongst users, required IT assistance to connect to meetings and made it cumbersome for them to focus on the output of their meetings. 

The top executives sought a simple yet effective solution that could unify their meeting platforms and user experience. It was also crucial that such a solution would enable them to connect to their meetings without always needing technical assistance.  



The Synergy SKY Management Suite was proposed, a solution which provides an easy process of meeting on any collaboration platform, via a OBTP (one button to push) on their SIP devices for all internal and external video meetings. The Federal Company are a Zoom for Government user today with the need to enable connectivity to Microsoft Teams GCC-High meetings as well. Synergy SKY was able to help them with their need to collaborate on these platforms, seamlessly. 

Synergy SKY also provided reports that enabled admins to relay insights to executives about the different collaboration tools they are using and which ones they use the most. This grants a view of what is needed in the future as they add or delete video meeting rooms.    



The users were now able to schedule and start all meetings on time with the push of a single button on Crestron or Cisco panels and manage all their meetings in Outlook or Google calendar. The technical team liked how simple it was to install the solution. With Synergy SKY, they were able to utilize all their existing endpoints without a forklift upgrade and save costs for the business. Now they can add new products to the current conferencing network without having to change how they schedule and start meetings.    

All six business units are continuing to expand their video conferencing network with Synergy SKY due to its ease of use. With the inclusion of Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government, they will be able to communicate with anyone at any level, GCC (Government Community Cloud), GCC-H (Government Community Cloud High), or IL4/IL5 (Impact Level) secure network.