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Case Study: Prosirius

Synergy SKY partner Prosirius solved the videoconferencing challenges of a South African retail chain




Industry: Technology Services

Technologies: Pexip, Zoom, Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, and Exchange

Scheduling: Microsoft Outlook (365), Google Calendar

Gateway/MCU: Pexip

Endpoint: Poly, amongst others

Number of endpoints: Initially 20, approximately 100 afterwards



Prosirius was asked by a client to streamline their video meeting experience.

They needed a solution that addressed the poor interoperability and user experience they were facing across technologies and vendors.


"Synergy SKY offered a simple solution to every single challenge faced by the client. Can we confidently walk into a meeting room and just join a meeting? Can we use Exchange and Google Calendar to join rooms with Poly endpoints? The answer was always a resounding 'yes'. Video meetings made easy.

Peter Westraadt
Business Development Manager, Prosirius


Prosirius is one of the biggest experts in advanced interactive communication and collaboration solutions throughout the African continent. Recently, they were approached by a client with two key questions:  

  1. How can users easily start all video meetings from the video rooms in a complex multi-platform video and UC environment?

  2. Is it possible to have both Exchange and Google calendars at the same time while enabling One Touch Dial on Poly systems?

Why was it crucial to get an answer to these questions? 

  • The client was transitioning their calendaring platform from Google to Microsoft O365.
  • The client had newly implemented Poly video equipment with Pexip Infinity across meeting rooms and auditoriums with no native Google integration.  
  • There was a future plan to move to Zoom and Microsoft Teams within the next two years.  

This meant that the proposed solution needed to address current as well as future challenges. 


Solution implementation

Thanks to the Synergy SKY management suite, Prosirius provided a simple workflow well as IoT sensors for people, count data, and automatic room release. Also, it offered white glove services to the client through centralized video meeting management, which is something other solutions didn't provide.

Prosirius was the first Gold Partner in South Africa and has deployed several projects on Synergy SKY solutions but this one was unique due to the mixed meeting platforms and technology transitions that had to be taken into consideration. 



Despite the complex challenge, the solution came together perfectly.

  • No need to train users
    Thanks to the straightforward workflow created, there was no need to train users to get them to utilize their meeting rooms.
  • One-click green button
    The only thing users have to do is schedule their meetings through their calendar and click one green button to start their meeting. It doesn’t matter how the meeting invite was generated or what type of meeting it is (Meet, Teams, Zoom, etc.).
  • Easily transition from Google to Microsoft O365
    With Synergy SKY, Prosirius was also able to give the client the possibility to easily transition from Google to Microsoft O365 in order to join rooms with Poly endpoints.
  • Flexibility to change or add tools without impacting existing ones or complicating the user experience
    The implementation of Synergy SKY's solution helped the client prolong the longevity of current and future collaboration and unified communications environments. 


Partnerships that add value

Video business meetings shouldn't have to be difficult. Prosirius' experience is yet another example that sometimes all it takes is a simple, vendor-neutral solution to make it all work seamlessly.

Prosirius' partnership with Synergy SKY has proven yet again how the relentless pursuit for excellence drives bigger value to clients. If you're based in Africa and are currently facing video conferencing challenges, reach out to them directly by clicking here.

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