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Case Study: Norce

Skype for Business and Cisco endpoints

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Industry: Research

Vendors: Skype for Business, O365

Gateway/MCU: Videonor

Endpoint: Cisco

Number of endpoints: 50


Figuring out how to join external meetings from Cisco endpoints was a major cause of user frustration at NORCE. This case study shows how Synergy SKY solved this problem.


"Synergy SKY is a huge time saver.
Now people just go into the room, push the green button and it's on.
It's like magic!

Kjetil Knutsen

IT Manager - NORCE Norwegian Research Centre


NORCE (Norwegian Research Centre) conducts research within the areas of energy, health, climate, environment, society, and technology. With 700 employees, 1500 research projects, and an annual turnover of 105 million USD, NORCE is one of the largest independent research institutes in Norway.
NORCE has 20 video endpoints, with Videonor as their MCU provider. The users book all meetings in S4B.



Non-technical users often had trouble understanding how to book and join video meetings from their Cisco meeting rooms, especially in terms of external video calls where the vendors differed or were unknown.  This led to a continuous stream of calls to the IT support department from users needing help setting up a meeting.



With Synergy SKY, users can join video meetings from anywhere - with one click to join.
Meeting invitations with simple and intuitive call-in details are provided automatically every time a user schedule a meeting.



According to Kjetil Knutsen, IT Manager at NORCE, the Synergy SKY was up and running in just a few hours. "We used just one morning to install and configure. It wasn't complicated at all! We had a couple of issues regarding RegEx, but with help from support they were solved in a swift manner", he says.

For NORCE, the running of the meeting server has been reliable and they haven't run into any problems.



"People think it's like magic!" Knutsen says enthusiastically. "Finally video meetings do what they're supposed to do: making communication easy". The employees at NORCE can now simply walk into the room, push the green button and the meeting starts. 

"After the deployment, there has been a clear decline in the number of support calls coming in, which is what we wanted to achieve," Knutsen says.

NORCE can now focus on what they do best; producing important research materials.