Synergy CONTROL is no longer offered as a stand-alone solution but is now a feature in our new offering: Synergy SKY Suite.

You can still browse through the content below, but we urge you to familiarize yourself with the Synergy SKY Suite.


Synergy SKY Suite


Monitor and control video meetings
- all in one place

Synergy CONTROL gives administrators full control of all meetings - both ad-hoc and scheduled. Its unique search functions help the administrator to get an instant overview when immediate assistance is required. The administrator can take action using the command functions such as add/remove participants, mute/unmute participants and more.

All this ensures seamless meetings and efficient workflows in the organization. 

Complete overview of all meetings

Mute / unmute participants

Add / Remove Participants

Create VIP Conference Lists


Give users peace of mind

Synergy CONTROL lets the video administrator deliver a white glove service.
This makes video meetings run smoothly - without any delays or technical issues.

With Synergy CONTROL, users can go into meetings with peace of mind not having to worry about
possible delays or frustrating "How do I join this meeting"-situations.


Learn how to become your organization's

video captain



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The clean and intuitive user interface makes it easy to be in control of all video meetings.
In fact, it's so easy that everyone can learn to use it in no time.

Synergy CONTROL is a web application that only requires a small virtual server installation on the video network you want to control.

The application is ideal for organizations with mixed environments.
It supports both on-prem and cloud conference solutions from
Cisco CMS and Pexip Infinity.



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Synergy CONTROL + Synergy JOIN =

Successful meetings from A to Z

Synergy CONTROL can be purchased as a standalone product, or as an add-on to Synergy JOIN. A  simple and user-friendly method to schedule and start video meetings with one click from anywhere. Used together, CONTROL and JOIN will give you insight to all scheduled and on-going conferences



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