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Security is essential for government agencies' communications.
Our self-hosted interop solution ensures secure, seamless multivendor video meetings that "just work".

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Presentation sharing from SIP video endpoints, Teams interactions on Cisco touch panels and higher video quality

Synergy SKY CONNECT for Government solves interoperability for public agencies between SIP endpoints and Microsoft Teams securely with a self-hosted gateway. 

It enables a single user experience by powering your Cisco or Poly SIP endpoints to connect to Microsoft Teams and share content. It is now easy to join both meetings hosted by your agency or others with a single button push. This award-winning solution supports Microsoft Teams commercial cloud, GCC, GCC-H, and GCC-DoD.  


Common compatibility issues

work drives the adoption of VTC (video teleconferencing) technologies but it also increases the complexity for users. Different platforms are being adopted by different departments and agencies. As adoption continues, it is getting harder to use VTC technologies:

  • nope@4x  Inconsistent workflow 
  • nope@4x  Different tools & procedures
  • nope@4x  Delayed meetings
  • nope@4x  Limited platform support

Get interop and a seamless user experience

Easy scheduling



One Button to Join



Use your existing calendaring system to book any VTC meeting regardless of the meeting platform.
No new workflows are introduced.

Supported calendars:

Microsoft Exchange on-prem, O365 GCC, GCC-H, GCC-DoD.
Google commercial and federal.


No need to understand complicated invitations to dial


Users only need to add people and VTC rooms to the invitations


Meeting passcode inserted automatically


Connect your SIP VTC to any meeting
and collaborate in both directions




Add these advantages for your meetings:

  • check@4x  Works with any internal or external invite received from outside your department or agency 
  • check@4x  Compatible with several connection technologies: SIP, any CVI, and native WebRTC endpoints
  • check@4x  Enables content sharing (PowerPoint Live)
  • check@4x  Ensures future-proof value (for more vendors) with interoperability as a network service
  • check@4x  Checks for the automatic compatibility of your VTC endpoint and the meeting platform 
  • check@4x  Connects directly if your VTC device is compatible with the meeting platform
  • check@4x  Reads the invites and constructs the dial string for you so the user gets one button to push through a powerful regex engine
  • check@4x  Translates automatically the necessary protocols to make the call connect if your VTC device is not natively compatible with the meeting platform 


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