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Case Study: PacificSource Health Plans

Skype for Business and Lifesize endpoints







Industry: Health Care

Vendors: Skype for Business, Microsoft Exchange

Gateway/MCU: Pexip

Endpoint: Lifesize

Number of endpoints: 23

Recording: Panopto




Employees at PacificSource was tired of having to call IT assistance to connect to a video meeting. This caused delays and frustrated users. 

This case study shows how Synergy SKY solved this problem. 


"Synergy SKY Suite is a HUGE timesaver! It managed to eliminate the typical 5-minute delays we used to have by kicking video meetings off right away – automatically" 

Brett R. Doser
A/V Specialist, PacificSource


PacificSource Health Plans delivers health care solutions to businesses and individuals throughout the Northwest. PacificSource provide medical and dental benefits to more than 3,900 employers and cover more than 272,000 people. 



PacificSource use Skype for Business and have Lifesize endpoints, with Pexip as the MCU. Before deploying the Synergy SKY Suite, they were using Condeco MyVRM.

The number of video endpoints is 23, and all are equipped with Creston room panels. 

There is on average 500 video calls* a month.

The main challenge for PacificSource was that users would have to manually connect each meeting with IT assistance.

*one or more rooms into a gateway call



The Synergy SKY Suite allows self-booking and coordinates connecting the rooms via auto dial out so the user walks into a room and everything is connected, thus saving both time and money.



"The set-up took only two days, as the installation process was really simple and straight-forward." Brett R. Doser says. 

After the deployment, support has not been required: "Running the Synergy SKY Suite has been incredibly reliable. There’s been no need to submit support tickets so far, and I can’t think of any types of bugs."



PacificSource also wanted to add a Panopto integration. "We asked Synergy SKY to add Panopto integration, and you did it without hesitation. Now recording is easy to add and starts and stops automatically!"



We asked Brett if there had been any feedback from users. His answer was "No. And that's a good thing, it means that it works. Synergy SKY Suite is kicking video meetings off right away – automatically"

He continues: "The tools are very simple, and the users aren’t really aware that the Synergy SKY Suite is there. It’s an invisible technology with minimal approach that just works automatically, which is what we wanted to achieve. It’s almost impossible for the users to screw it up, as there’s no plug-ins or difficult technologies. They just go into the room, connect, present and leave - that’s the perfect video meeting experience."


"Synergy SKY Suite is a huge time saver! We manage to eliminate the typical 5 minute-delays that we used to have, saving the company for a lot of money by automating the scheduling and joining process. I can’t speak high enough about the Synergy SKY Suite. It triggers the conference right on time."

PacificSource can now focus on what they do best; providing Northwesterns with top health care

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