It has never been easier to schedule, join, record, and playback your meetings, across any collaboration platform.

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Synergy JOIN
makes it easy to schedule and join meetings with the push of a button.
The REC.VC cloud service makes it easy for anyone to record & share their video meetings. Together REC.VC and Synergy JOIN make a powerful combo.

REC.VC + Synergy JOIN enables users to:

  • Schedule meetings with optional recording directly from Microsoft Outlook and Google G Suite

  • Join meetings using their preferred personal apps (Skype for Business, Spark, Pexip, etc), browser (WebRTC), or by walking into a meeting room with Cisco or Polycom and their respective One Button to Push and Click-To-Join technologies.

  • Any meeting with a recording scheduled will automatically be recorded.

  • Share, play, or download the recorded meeting afterward.

Simply put, Synergy JOIN and REC.VC remove the traditional cross-platform obstacles when scheduling, joining, and recording a video meeting. And if you for any reason are not able to attend the meeting, you will always have the second-best option available, you can get up to speed by watching the recorded meeting on any device whenever convenient for you.

1. Technical Setup

JOIN installed|Download trial

REC.VC Enterprise Subscription|Free trialMore details

MCU or VMR cloud: On-premises or cloud-based private meeting platforms such as Pexip or VMR cloud service like Videonor. Cisco Meeting Server will also do the trick.

Endpoints and clients from Cisco, Pexip, Polycom, Videonor, StarLeaf, and/or Microsoft.

1.1 Microsoft Exchange

In Microsoft Exchange there needs to be added a new Resource for recordings. The Exchange Resource email address can e.g. be, and must allow for conflicting bookings.

1.2 Synergy JOIN (previously SMS Meeting Server)

The same email used for the above Exchange Resource needs to be entered into the SMS Configurator:


In addition, there need to be Regex Rules defined to match the organizer of the meeting with his/per personal REC.VC recording address:

Matching rule: (.*)
Replace rule: \

SMS Rewrites (Example):
REC.VC Recorder=

1.3 REC.VC

On the REC.VC side, every meeting organizer needs to have a REC.VC account with an associated recorder address, e.g. This is best handled based on a SAML 2.0 integration between ACME’s authentication source and REC.VC, and will ensure SSO and auto-provisioning of accounts when users access the REC.VC user interfaces the first time.

2. Technical Workflow

1. Schedule: The meeting organizer ( creates a new Outlook invite and adds the Recorder Resource ( in addition to the People to be invited.

2. Meet: People join the meeting using their preferred device or app. The Synergy SKY Meeting Server instructs ACME’s MCU to dial out from the VMR in question to the REC.VC recorder of the Meeting organizer (

3. Play: The meeting organizer accesses his/her REC.VC account to play, share or download the recorded meeting.

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