Nevicom and Synergy SKY today announced a partnership that will bring customers in Switzerland simplified ways to schedule and join video meetings and analyzing tools for video conferences and Skype for Business.

Nevicom SA, founded in 1999 and currently the main video conferencing system integrator and audiovisual partner in Switzerland, adds One-Click-to-Join and a better user experience for its clients by partnering with Synergy SKY. 

“We want to offer One-Click-to-Join for all users of video conference and Skype for Business clients and Synergy SKY has this solution,” says Alexandre Lopez, Managing Director Nevicom, who signed the contract in a video meeting with Synergy SKY’s CEO, Ståle Reitan.


“We have for a long time been aware and interested in a partnership with such a great partner as Nevicom. They have proven their expertise in the video collaboration market and together we will now be able to offer better solutions for our customers. And we have known each other for many years.” says Ståle Reitan

Synergy SKY products enable organizations with video conferencing and Skype for Business solutions better ways to schedule, join and analyze video usage. It’s a user-friendly technology that will drive the adoption of video meetings across technologies both for internal and external meetings.

Synergy JOIN enables users to schedule their video meetings natively in Outlook between Skype for Business and all video conferencing endpoints – and all users will enjoy One-Click to Join. Hassle-free and intuitive for the users.

To measure usage and adoption of video collaboration Synergy ANALYZE will give organizations of all sizes insight into the utilization of expensive equipment and enable them to make better decisions. Effective video meetings will save employees’ time and give them a better work-life balance. The environment and our common future is the winner for every commute and unnecessary travel saved. 

Vemun Waksvik

Written by Vemun Waksvik

Video Veteran

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