Synergy CONTROL gives video administrators instant control over scheduled and active meetings. Flexible search methods put the admin on top of any situation faster. The right tool at the right time eliminates frustration and ensures successful meetings in real-time.
New product: Synergy CONTROL

The biggest wish of any overworked video administrator is a simple tool to control mixed environments. With Synergy CONTROL, these wishes come true. Synergy CONTROL offers a comprehensive multi-vendor solution to your real-time video management needs.

Key functions include:

  • View all active conferences

  • View all conferences scheduled with Google G Suite or Microsoft Outlook

  • Connect/disconnect video meetings

  • Add/remove participants

  • Cisco people count support

  • Instantly share conference coordinates with anyone

  • Mute/unmute audio and video

  • Create a list of "favorite" (i.e. most important) meetings to monitor

  • Search for scheduled and/or active meetings or participants 

Achieve a seamless video meeting environment

Synergy CONTROL provides a complete view of both scheduled and active meetings. This approach enables the video administrator to follow the meeting life-cycle from booking to hang-up and provide a worry-free experience. Whether you deliver a white-glove service or run an enterprise video deployment, Synergy CONTROL provides all the features you need to monitor your conferences and make them run smoothly. 

As a result, these features help the organization achieve seamless video meetings and efficient workflows.

Ease of use - and installation

Single pane of glass to control all meetings

Monitoring and controlling all video meetings has never been this easy!

Synergy CONTROL has a clean and intuitive interface. It's so easy that everyone can learn to use this tool in no time at all. 

Synergy CONTROL is a web application that only requires a small virtual server installation on the video network you want to control.

Supported technologies

Synergy CONTROL is ideal for organizations of all sizes with mixed video environments, as it supports both Cisco CMS and Pexip Infinity.

Synergy CONTROL + Synergy JOIN = Sucessful meetings from A to Z

Synergy CONTROL can be purchased as a standalone product, or as an add-on to Synergy JOIN. Our software lets you start video meetings with the power of "One Button to Push" (OBTP) from anywhere. Used together, CONTROL and JOIN can give insight to inactive scheduled/future video conferences.

Ready to see Synergy CONTROL in action?

Book a demo or download a free trial to experience Synergy CONTROL works and how it can help your organization to achieve seamless video meetings. 

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Vemun Waksvik

Written by Vemun Waksvik

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