sot bloggThe Synergy of Things is our latest software solution that extracts data from meeting room sensors, attendee behavior, and calendar data to make all meetings more efficient.

Introducing Synergy of Things
We are leading the way in making all meetings more efficient to save time, space, and money.

By making use of the smart sensors in the Cisco Webex Room Series and third-party sensors for all other meeting rooms, we can achieve smarter utilization of meeting resources, through features such as no-show detection and booking vs actual usage reports.

What is Synergy of Things?
We are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize your everyday meeting room and video conference experience. Through the intelligent integration of Synergy JOIN, Synergy CONTROL, and Synergy ANALYZE, the outcome is an innovative and more efficient way to handle all meetings - in-person, audio, video or web. The Synergy of Things takes care of every step and optimizes your resources.

Make the Cisco Webex Room Series the most versatile end-point on the market with Synergy of Things


Why it’s Important
Currently, there is a huge loss of time and money due to a disparate set of technologies not working in tandem. The impact of this goes beyond time wasted and money lost, with meeting attendees and organizers ultimately feeling demotivated and frustrated.

With Synergy of Things, the user can apply an easy-to-use and familiar process to book and schedule all meetings without the use of an app or plug-in. Practice seamless collaboration across all teams and offices. Whether it’s a video meeting or not, Synergy of Things allows users to implement one consistent user experience and improve efficiencies.

Key Features Include:


Meeting Room No-show Detection

The Cisco Webex Room Series can detect presence in a meeting room, and together with Synergy of Things, we can now inform the meeting organizer when a booked room is not being used. The customer can even implement procedures like releasing the booking of an unused room while preserving a virtual meeting (VMR).

Booked rooms where the Cisco Webex Room Series does not detect motion or presence can be released and made available to others in their calendar (Outlook / Google Calendar).

Booking and Utilization Reports

The Cisco Webex Room Series can count meeting participants and presence. The Synergy of Things leverages this data to provide usage analytics and resource utilization.

By cross-checking the data from booked versus actual meeting room usage, Synergy of Things provides workplace analytics, such as space and technology utilization, and shows how to radically improve the meeting process.

No-show Pre-warning

The Cisco Webex Room Series sensor technology, paired with Synergy of Things, can be used to send pre-warnings to administrators or organizers if there is no one present in the room at a given time or if the video system in the room is not connected.

To learn more about Synergy of Things and how it can enhance the workplace, please get in touch today to organize a demo.

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