Time is your and your organization’s most valuable asset. Make sure you don’t waste it on mundane routines such as planning and starting / joining video meetings.

Tired of painful video meeting experiences?

Most organizations today have mixed environments, with more than one communication platform vendor or solution (Skype, Google Hangouts, Cisco, Polycom, Zoom, Pexip, BlueJeans etc.). 

This leave the users with several options, which can be confusing and challenging to answer, and support or co-worker help is needed.  Thus, video meetings often become a time tief rather than an effective tool. 

The Pains/Challenges

The two main challenges we see:

1. How do I schedule a video meeting?

Is it a separate booking page or a mobile application? What’s my PIN code? What are the names of the video rooms? Where is that plug-in? Can I schedule from my mobile? What if I want to record it? What if some externals want to join? What if they have not got the same technology as me? 

2. How do I start / join a video meeting?

You have an invitation in your calendar, now what? Once you found it, you need to read that long invitation with numerous options to join. 

Then it’s up to you to know if you going to join with: an app, computer, video system, phone or browser. And then figure out if it will be: SIP, URI, IP address, Skype link or phone number.

When you have picked the utility of choice or forced to use what’s available, you must pick the correct address to dial. This part alone is proven to be more than 10 minutes.

 Together these two challenges result in frustrating delays, often as much as 15-20 minutes. 

The Painkiller/Solution

Our solution to this problem: Synergy JOIN.

 Watch video demo to see a demo with booking in Outlook / O365 and OBTP Cisco Webex DX, Roomkit, Tandberg E20, Tandberg C90 and CTJ on Polycom

Use your calendar (Outlook or Google Calendar) and follow the procedures you normally would do for any meeting - whether you use your mobile, web or PC.  When meeting is due: Start or join the meeting with one-click - from anywhere.

36 months after launching Synergy JOIN, 220 companies with more than 3 million users have embraced our solution - and are now starting all their video meetings on-time, every time!

If you think this sounds too good to be true, then make sure to contact us so we can prove you wrong :-)



Vemun Waksvik

Written by Vemun Waksvik