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We have added more than 30 Fortune Global 500 companies and hundreds of others to our software solutions for easier video meetings.  Find out why...

Every company has obstacles and hurdles when it comes to communication. One of them could be: “Why is it so complicated to schedule and start a video meeting?”. In some cases, that is practically impossible.

Within large corporations, there are often many different technology platforms in use due to mergers, acquisitions or failed collaboration migrations. This results in a myriad of disparate technologies that do not work seamlessly together. One example we have is that of a giant IT Fortune 100 company that has six separate collaboration conferencing platforms. This made it challenging for the IT department to manage the video infrastructure, and nearly impossible for the users to schedule video meetings.

They, along with every other company, are also facing another common challenge, and that is the growing need for communicating with external customers and partners on a growing number of dissimilar platforms.

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Why bring in Synergy SKY?

Synergy SKY was founded on the idea to create synergies between vendors. Collectively, our team has over 300 years of experience in the UC industry and we know that the number of collaboration solutions is growing. We are not biased towards any specific solution or technology. 

The Synergy SKY management suite has a wealth of features for both the IT administrators and the end-users. The easy join function allows users to schedule and start video meetings with 'one click' from anywhere, regardless of vendors and platforms. The Synergy SKY management suite integrates with your current scheduling platform (Exchange/O365 or Google Calendar/G-suite) and your video infrastructure, so there is no need to rip and replace or invest in new hardware.


Our customers range from small, with as few as five video rooms, to Fortune 100 corporations with thousands of video rooms.  No matter which size, they renew their investment with us year after year. If you need references, check out our case studies here


  • The tension between users and the IT department due to frequent user errors
  • Delayed starts in video meetings
  • Complicated scheduling on different platforms
  • Dial-in issues and long dial-in strings
  • Booked out but empty meeting rooms
  • Loss of control during technical migrations (On-prem, cloud, or hybrid)



  • One-click meetings (Cisco and Poly) on your video systems, regardless of the platform
  • An easy way to schedule, launch, automate, and manage videoconferences – for single- or multivendor environments
  • Freedom to move between on-prem and cloud (or hybrid) without interrupting your technical setup. 
  • A user-friendly way of scheduling and joining any meeting (Outlook or Gcal)
  • Free sensors* in your non-video meeting rooms to enable similar features as in your video conferencing rooms 

...and all other common frustrations around business and video conferencing meetings.

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