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Why partner with us?

 Synergy SKY has been in the video conferencing and software industry for over 10 years and we have satisfied clients across all industries and organizations - all around the world

In 2019 we expanded our portfolio to be relevant in all meeting rooms trough sophisticated IoT - or what we call Synergy of Things 

With our vast amount of experience and sound technological expertise, you can trust us as your dedicated partner

Together, we can make all meetings easy to JOIN, CONTROL and ANALYZE  for organizations of any size, ranging from small companies with a handful of video systems to global enterprises with thousands of meeting rooms


The partner program is for system integrators that want to grow their business by providing their clients with software for seamless collaboration

Partners play a key role in our strategy and our success depends upon our partners' success. For this, we offer our partners unique products, attractive margins, global coverage and most of all, support



Increased total portfolio value

Increase the total value of your offering by adding market leading services within video conferencing

Increased profits

Increase your profits from new Synergy SKY business

Increased stickiness

Increase stickiness with customers who are managing their own infrastructure

Increased insights into customer usage

Increased insight into customer usage and trends, which opens for improved consultative selling opportunities


Business Model

Our business model is indirect sales through certified partners

Partner: sales, sales execution, installation, service and first line support

Synergy SKY: product development, marketing, high-touch sales and second line support



Our popular solution, Synergy JOIN, is invisible to the user and can be labelled as your "magic button".
We can teach you how!


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