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Synergy ANALYZE helps organizations understand collaboration trends and patterns. It provides the analysis needed to make fact-based decisions on collaboration investments, divestments, training and service changes. Analytics data contributes to an increased ROI for collaboration, and in addition, provides clear evidence and key insight to stakeholders.

Travel and C02 Savings

Return on Investment

Productivity Increase






Collect Insights

Collecting data in a mixed environment can be complicated and time-consuming. Synergy ANALYZE uses sophisticated algorithms to harvest data, which can be turned into sensible reports to see trends and patterns


The video administrator has the flexibility to create custom reports in order to answer specific questions


Data & CDR’s can be collected from Cisco CMS, VCS and Pexip to create various reports.  These reports can be customized to your needs to provide information on usage and adoption, ROI, CO2 savings, travel cost savings and more


GEO Tagging

Synergy ANALYZE utilize geotags linked to each URI address.  Reports are visual with heat maps and exact ROI calculations of travel saved, cost and CO2 emissions. As a graphical representation, the data gives faster insight into usage and utilization.

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"Business insight and analytics is needed to measure usage against business objectives”

Egil Hasting, CTO


Watch demo of ANALYZE

Let this 3-minute video give you a quick overview of ANALYZE, its features and how it works.