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    Add Webex Workspace Integration for Webex Registered Endpoints

    Add Webex Workspace Integration for Webex Registered Rendpoints



    This guide will take you through setting up Webex integration in SUITE using Integrations in Admin Webex under Workspaces. 


    *This method currently supports 1 SUITE per Webex Tenant*



    This feature requires BETA opt-in on Cisco Webex: Webex BETA Page

    Webex - Full Admin to start integration and token generation. 

    Network/Firewall - SUITE: ensure that your SUITE server can reach

    SUITE version 30.06.3709 or newer



    0. Check Webex Control Panel Workspaces Integrations

    Before we proceed we can check if the integration is already available in Cisco Control Hub under Workspaces, in Integrations Tab.



    If you are able to see this please skip to Step 3. Else follow each step.


    1. Initial BETA Sign-Up

    ** Already signed up? Please skip this step and go step 2**

    If you are not registered to Webex Beta program you will have to sign up first by going to Webex BETA Home page log in and will be greeted with 3 stage form, asking what type of user you are followed by additional information around you, including what company you work for.



    The final part of initial sign up is about your company.



    After completion Cisco will need to approve your request and add you to their BETA program before you can select which BETA track you would like to use. 


    2. Selecting the BETA participation

    Log into Webex BETA Page and scroll down until you see Webex Devices and select Webex Devices Software.



    For the following steps you will need your Organization ID which can be retrieved from Webex Partner Hub under account information.



    Complete short form for Webex Devices Software


    Submit and you will receive confirmation that the form has been submitted. 



    3. Adding Integration in SUITE
    1. In SUITE navigate to Integrations Settings in Config Tool.

    2. Add Connection and select Cisco Webex Integration


    3. It will allow you to add a name to the integration including some basic information.


    4. Click on the hyperlink in the yellow box which will bring you to to start the activation process.
      - User/Admin needs to have full admin rights assigned.


    5. Click Synergy SKY management suite, this will display some details including Permissions. 

    6. Click Activate in top right corner, this will prompt all permissions to be listed for review.

    7. Proceed by clicking Activate in the bottom right, this will provide an activation code. Copy to clipboard.


    8. Head back to SUITE config and paste the Activation Code into the Activation Code field and click Activate.


    9. When activation completes it will test connection and update from Activation code to Refresh Token and click Save


    10. Under API Integration Click Add API Integration


    11. Select Webex under Used for and under Connection select the new Webex Integration and ensure it is enabled


    12. Click Save, Save Changes and you are ready to add Webex Registered Endpoints under Video Systems.

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