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We’re constantly working to improve your Synergy SKY CONNECT experience. Keep an eye on this page to read the latest information about new features, enhancements and issues we've fixed.

Take a look at the most recent Synergy SKY CONNECT updates:

2023 - January 25
2022 -
November 11
2022 - February 7

Release Date

January 25, 2023 


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with packet loss handling that caused video freezes for up to 10-20 second
  • Fixed issue with Opus audio that caused a glitching artifact in the audio stream


Limitation & Challenges

  • All Poly/Polycom devices currently don’t support presentation sharing 


Release Date

November 11, 2022 


Synergy CONNECT is now capable of presentation sharing from the SIP video endpoint into Microsoft Teams meetings. Moreover, it now has interaction and control features on the Cisco Touch 10 panel in Microsoft Teams meetings. Finally, we have improved the media engine for improved video quality. Both presentations and people will be crystal clear and make you feel as if you were in the same room. 



Please keep in mind the Management Suite version 31.01 needs to be installed in order to use all the new CONNECT features. Once that's done, the macro can be enabled in the Management Suite (only available for Cisco endpoints). 

No further action is required thanks to the interop component built-in capability to automatically upgrade to a newer version when released.


New Features


 Feature Name


Application sharing and presentation sharing on all meetings between Cisco Webex and Poly SIP endpoints and Microsoft Teams clients (both Microsoft Teams Rooms and PCs)

The following presentation-sharing options are now enabled:
  • From a video conference device: 
    • Cable (HDMI and USB-C) 
    • Wireless (Webex, Barco Clickshare, etc.) 

  • From a Microsoft Teams Rooms or PC client: 
    • Presentation sharing via cable or wireless 
    • Application sharing – E.g. PowerPoint Live 
    • Screensharing  

Native Microsoft Teams experience offered to Cisco Touch 10, DX-series, and Desk Pro users

  • Participants list 
    • All participants, including SIP rooms, are visible. 
    • In addition to their name, there are visual cues on participants’ status. Users can now see whether a specific participant is muted, has raised hand, and is currently sharing a presentation. 

  • Meeting views/layouts 
    • It’s now possible to select the preferred Microsoft Teams view directly from the SIP endpoint. The three classic options are offered: Gallery, Large Gallery and Together mode. 

  • Interactions 
    • Pin a participant in a Microsoft Teams Meeting (your view only) 
    • Fit to frame a specific participant (your view only) 
    • Raise/lower hand 




The media engine was updated in order to update the user experience. The optimization of media quality leads to high-fidelity audio, up to 1080p video resolution, and up to 30fps (frames per second) for video and content. This is dependent on network conditions and bandwidth limitations. 
Existing users will now have a call connecting screen as they wait for the meeting to start providing the assurance that everything was done correctly. 


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue on encrypted media (SRTP) for certain Poly devices 
  • Fixed issue on encrypted media (SRTP) for CUCM-registered devices 


Limitation & Challenges

  • All Poly/Polycom devices currently don’t support presentation sharing 

Release Date

February 7, 2022 



Synergy SKY CONNECT provides video interop as a cloud service that connects SIP signaling-based video protocol gateway services to Web Conference-based cloud platforms. This patent-pending video gateway allows for SIP-based endpoints, independent of registration, to communicate bidirectionally with both audio and video to the Microsoft Teams platform.  

Intelligent routing in the service ensures that your video conference endpoints are connected in an optimal path to the Microsoft Teams meeting. 

Combined with the existing Synergy SKY Suite you can now: 
  • Make all meetings easy to schedule and start   
  • Support on-prem, hybrid, and cloud solutions  
  • Ensure all users become self-sufficient in their video meeting experience   
  • Provide administrative tools to better control and understand your collaboration environment   
  • Improve meeting room utilization by using sensors   


  • Call into all Microsoft Teams meetings from most SIP video conference endpoints  
  • Enjoy high-quality two-way audio/video 
  • Support receiving Microsoft Teams application sharing, screen sharing, and PowerPoint Live  
  • Available as a cloud service 


  • Synergy SKY Suite 
  • Synergy SKY CONNECT license 
  • Cisco or Poly(com) video conference endpoints 
  • Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or Google Calendar/Workspace 
  • Allow SIP calling capability to Microsoft Azure IP addresses 

How to deploy:

  • Install or upgrade to Synergy SKY Suite version 2.4 
  • Add a valid license containing Synergy SKY CONNECT 
  • Define where your video conference endpoints are geographically located 

Get in contact with Synergy SKY today to acquire a trial license or upgrade your existing license.  


Important Note for Synergy JOIN and Synergy CONTROL Users:

End of Support for Windows-based JOIN 5.x (and earlier) applications

As previously reported, on January 31st, 2022, Synergy SKY officially ended support for Microsoft Windows-based Synergy JOIN and Synergy CONTROL applications. Current licensed users can migrate to the Synergy SKY CONNECT to continue to enjoy the supported benefits of JOIN, CONTROL, and ANALYZE in one platform.  Users will be able to continue using Synergy JOIN and CONTROL, but some workflows may not work or have limited functionality for users running on these unsupported versions. For the best experience, we recommend upgrading to the latest Synergy SKY CONNECT.



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